How to celebrate Valentine’s Day without a date

By Isabella Daley

Valentine’s Day has increasingly become the holiday for celebrating loving relationships.  Stores, restaurants, and events target married or dating couples with their “couples’ specials” and “date night deals.”  Societal Valentine’s Day trends tend to cater to those who have a significant other, leaving those who are single without many ways to celebrate the day of love.  If you find yourself single this Valentine’s Day, here are some ways you can share some love with your family, friends, pets, neighbors, community, and yourself.

Let your family know how much you love them.

  • Ask your parents for a couple of extra chores to do to thank them for doing so much for you.
  • Buy some chocolates and roses for your grandparents and give them the gifts during a surprise visit. If you live far away from your grandparents, give them a call and just talk to them for a little while.
  • Make the effort to be unusually tolerant and kind to your siblings, and offer to play some kind of game with them. If you’re the oldest, take your siblings out for ice cream.

Spend some time with your friends.

  • Bring some Valentine’s themed treats to school to lighten your friends’ moods on an otherwise normal school day.
  • Go for a drive with a couple of close friends to spend some time catching up and appreciating each other without the distractions of school or work around.
  • If you are a girl, throw a “Galentine’s” Day party for all of your single friends. Watch some cheesy romantic movies, play a few board games, and enjoy being single together. If you are a boy, start a new trend by having a “Pal-entine’s” Day party.

Pamper your pets.

  • Take your dog on an extra-long walk or visit the dog park. Give Rover a spoon full of peanut butter or a special dog biscuit.
  • Buy some cat nip for your cat, and don’t yell at innocent little Whiskers when he tries to sit on your keyboard. He just wants to cuddle, after all.
  • If you don’t have any pets, visit a local animal shelter and offer to clean or keep the animals company.

Be extra kind to your neighbors.

  • If they have young children, offer to babysit for free so the parents can enjoy a night out. Make a love-themed craft with the kids to help them enjoy the holiday as well.
  • Deliver some Valentine’s Day themed treats to your neighbors’ house, and make them a coupon for a free shoveled driveway the next time it snows.
  • Invite your neighbors to join your family for dinner.

Share your love with the community.

  • Visit a nearby nursing home to make Valentine’s Day a little less lonely for the older residents.
  • Donate some money or baked good to a soup kitchen and help them serve dinner. Have a genuine smile on your face and say “hi” to everyone you meet.
  • Make cards for some of the people you encounter every day even if you rarely talk to them. Thank your mail carrier, bus driver, teachers, and coworkers for being awesome people.

Don’t forget to love yourself too.

  • Spend your night on a date with your favorite book. Relax for a while, and go to bed as early as you can to enjoy the fact that single you means you do not have any late night plans.
  • Watch a fun movie that doesn’t emphasize the need for romance. The Milestone recommends the following animated Disney movies: Frozen, Monster’s Inc., Moana, Despicable Me, Brave, and Finding Nemo.
  • Treat yourself to some ice cream, chocolates, or dessert of your choice.


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