Rocket Quiz: separating fact from fiction

Made popular by Buzzfeed, entertainment quizzes have told us everything from which Friends character we are, which Harry Potter house we’re in, to what kind of dog breed we are. The Milestone has joined the movement with our own style of quizzes.

Some people believe that they know almost everything. However, that’s not always true. Test your knowledge of what’s fact or fiction with this quiz.

After finishing the quiz, a percentage will appear. This percentage will tell you if you are filled with mostly useless knowledge or if you are up to date with it. If you are closer to 100%, the more you know. The closer to 0% you are, the more you aren’t filled with useless facts. The correct answer to each question will be shown after finishing the quiz.

One thought on “Rocket Quiz: separating fact from fiction

  1. I totally wasn’t told to comment on these by Faith. However, 71%….higher than some of my math test grades-great.-_-

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