Students react to new Snapchat update

By Maggie Deller

In February of 2018, Snapchat launched a new update. Snapchat is a popular social media app used among McNick students. The update prompted negative reactions by some users.

“I think the new Snapchat update is bad. Every time I go on the app [now] I get really confused because everything is jumbled up together,” senior Lindsey Hamad said.

The update rearranged the app’s user interface and visual display.

“[Snapchat] should stop changing things because before it updated, it was perfect,” freshman Hank Veeneman said.

“[The update] is not as user-friendly as the last [update]. It’s harder to navigate, and it is overall a pain,” senior Alex Deimling said.

“It’s so slow and confusing,” senior Haley Adkins said. The update also created a bigger role for Bitmoji, a personalized emoji app. “I don’t like how the Bitmojis are right by the [contact] names,” Adkins said.

The Snapchat stories, a way for users to post updates that last for 24 hours, have been repositioned by the update. “I don’t like the stories being in the same page as the Snapchats,” senior Kiernan Meakin said.

Many users wished to have the previous version of the app back. Freshman Max Minardi said, “Snapchat should make the update available only if you want it. If you don’t want it, you should be able to go back.”

The update did get some positive reviews. “On the new Snapchat update, there are more articles on the right than there used to be. I like this because they are always adding new article updates and they can be interesting to read,” Hamad said. Overall though, Hamad said she preferred the previous version of the app better. “I like how you can see everyone’s Bitmoji [by their name],” sophomore Whitney Stanforth said.

“I really think [Snapchat is] going to lose business if they don’t change it back because people don’t want to go on the app anymore,” Hamad said.

Senior Lindsey Hamad pulls up the new Snapchat update after school. The update had rearranged the app in a way that confused and irritated many people, including Hamad.

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