Sending random emails isn’t always the best idea

From bombarding a teacher with questions about grades, setting up plans for after school, or even sending memes to friends, emailing is a part of everyone’s life, but do students really know how to properly use it?

Sending an email should be fairly simple, right? Most somehow still don’t understand how to correctly email. “Don’t use inappropriate language, don’t use anything that could take offense, and [add] detail,” Director of Technology Andy Ey said. This means that students shouldn’t send random emails to friends asking if they know what the next spicy meme is.

Group emails can be a little trickier than sending an email to one person; there are many different factors someone needs to think of before hitting send.

  • Is it important?
  • Do I have approval?
  • Is it something I should be sending on the school’s email?
  • Are people going to reply by making fun of me?

“There are some genuine reasons to use [group email]. The biggest thing is to proof it to make sure there isn’t any mistakes and to make sure they make good decisions,” Ey said.

The trickiest and scariest of them all are all-school emails. It can be somewhat rare, but there are some all-school emails that make it through that don’t have any real purpose or approval of a teacher.

Beckert said that there can be consequences with sending all school emails.  “[Students] are always supposed to have some sort of faculty approval,” principal Patty Beckert said.

She recommended that students avoid sending emails when they’re angry or frustrated, and that they should always reread them before sending. “If it is something corrective in nature, find something positive to say also,” Beckert added.

Senior Alli Tomlinson writes an email before heading to class in the morning. She checked to make sure that her email was completely ready before sending.

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