Let’s get thrifty!; Ways to be fashionable on the cheap

As Macklemore rapped in “Thrift Shop,” “one man’s trash, that’s another man’s come up.”  Thrift shopping has recently become more popular with the teenage population. With their need to save money along with the trend to wear vintage, worn-in clothing, thrift shopping continues to grow.

There are many different hidden gems in thrift stores. Skirts, shorts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jewelry, and more can be found in thrift stores. Places like GoodwillPlato’s ClosetSt. Vincent de Paul, and Pixel 19, or even apps like Poshmark, where you can buy and sell clothes and accessories online, are fantastic options for all your thrifting needs.

There are countless reasons to thrift, but here are just a few.

#1 Super Affordable

Why pay more for a brand new item when you could pay twenty times less for the same gently-used item? The best part is that you can buy a lot more items for the price of one more expensive item. You can find great quality items when thrifting for much less than department store prices. Junior Lauren Holaday said she started thrifting when she realized that she was spending unnecessary money on clothes. She realized she could get the same items for much cheaper at the thrift store. She once got 6 sweatshirts for $2, a pair of Adidas shoes for $25, and a Forever 21 skirt for $3.

#2 An opportunity to make items your own style

Thrifting helps you get creative and make items your own. I am always cropping, distressing, and cutting thrifted items to make them unique and I don’t have to feel guilty about it because everything is so affordable. You can easily find unique, funky fabrics to do whatever you please with too. Lots of thrift store items can easily be upcycled to a stylish piece of clothing.

#3 Compliments

There are tons of unique and designer jeans and other clothes at thrift stores, but they be more difficult to find. They are there though, so just be patient and continue to check on the store. I get compliments on my thrifted clothes more often than my store bought clothes because they are more unique and duplicates are harder to find.

Before you run out and start your thrifting journey, here are a few tips to help you prepare.

#1 Dig, dig, and dig

Thrifting requires are a lot of rummaging. Holaday’s advice for beginner thrifters was, “When looking for new items, do not be afraid to dig through piles of stuff. The best stuff can be found at the bottom of a bin.”

#2 Location and time

Usually, thrift shops in suburban areas have a better selection and higher quality, less worn items. To get first dibs on merchandise, talk to your local thrift store and ask them when they restock. For instance, I was looking for a pair of Lululemon leggings, which usually run for around $100. I called my thrift store, found out when they restocked, and made sure to be there when they did. I ended up getting a pair of Lululemon leggings for $14. It required a little time, but saving $85 was completely worth it.

#3 Be Prepared

Go thrifting with a plan. Don’t go into a thrift store with absolutely nothing in mind because you will end up buying everything. Thrifting is addicting once you get started and you will begin to see possibility in all kinds of clothing. Holaday who is currently on the hunt for sunglasses, advised, “Do not feel obligated to buy something from every store. If they do not have what you are looking for, then move on.”

I am all about mixing and matching new-finds and pre-loved items. Around 25% of my wardrobe is composed of like-new items, something I have been working on for nearly two years. Last weekend, I purchased eight new items at the Goodwill on Beechmont Ave.

This outfit is styled around a naturally distressed camo jacket from Goodwill, thrown over a dusty red, flowy, knee-length dress. I paired it with a dainty choker necklace and my greenish grey suede booties.

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