Life of Marie Curie presented as part of STEAM initiative

On Sept. 20 “Curie Me Away” hit theaters for McNicholas High School. “Curie Me Away” is a play written by Sadie Bowman who lives in Minnesota, and is based on the life of Marie Skłodowska Curie, a Polish physicist. The Science Department saw it at Fringe Fest, a yearly arts festival in Over-the-Rhine. The play is performed by Bowman as Marie Curie and Ricky Coates as Pierre Curie, her husband and fellow physicist. The play follows as the finds love and sorrow in her stories as she discovers and navigates through the world of being in her field.

The storyline shows Curie in her life as she fights against sexism in science and the view of women in the world at the time as she strives for equality.  Throughout the play, we witness Curie travel to France to get her education, due to it being illegal for a woman to go to school in Poland; and discovered 2 elements while also having a role in how radiation was discovered. She had two daughters with her husband before he passed when he stepped in front of a horse-drawn carriage. Curie took over her husband’s teaching position at the Sorbonne, making her their first female professor.

“This play brings a message of how important our education is and access to education is, it shows how important it is to find a way to do what you’re passionate about.” Regina Goines, Science Department Head, said. A main contribution for the play to be able to be brought to McNicholas was the PTSA.  The science department, theatre department, and multiple alumni also contributed to the show.

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