Rockets prefer college football over the NFL

For many, the fall season not only means the return of school, but the promise of months on end basking in the great American traditions of College Football Saturdays and NFL Sundays.  A poll of 100 random students and staff members, who gave their names and positions on the issue, revealed that 58% of all respondents prefer college football, 31% the NFL, and 11% are not fans of either.  Although Survey Monkey only allowed for the first 100 responses to be viewed, there was no shortage of opinion on any and all sides of this battle for weekend supremacy.

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One major discrepancy among survey respondents was which fan base is more passionate:

“The college players aren’t paid, and 90% of them are playing for their pride. The rivalries are more genuine than NFL ‘rivalries,’ and the students and alumni have so much more spirit and pride for their school than NFL fans do for their franchises,” junior Ian Burt said.

Sophomore Nick Clark knows what Saturdays are for, and he said, “College football is more exciting, more passionate. If you’re for the boys, you watch that NCAA football on Saturday nights.”

Senior Chase Beuerlein said, “I feel more attached to the college teams I like.”

Junior Kristin Davis had a differing viewpoint and said, “I lean more towards basketball than football, but I do like the NFL better than college, and that’s just because I think the fans are a little more die-hard than the college fans are, and to me, that’s fun to watch and be around.

Senior Danielle Robben admitted that NFL fans may be more passionate about their sport but said, “I enjoy college football more because of the atmosphere of the games. The fans at the games seem to be less extreme, but they are still dedicated. The energy the younger students bring is something that can’t be matched in the NFL.”

Senior Chris Walter did not take a side and instead said, “Honestly I like both the same.”

There is a distinct difference in the brands of football played and the types of athletes on the field:

Many Rockets highlighted the authenticity, passion, entertainment and fun of the college game as to why it is more enjoyable for them…

Senior Bryce Kellerman said, “The NFL has too many players that only play for money and do not care about the team. They are selfish and only want good for themselves. Obviously not all players are like this but in college football it takes true competitiveness and hard work to get to the top.”

Fellow senior, Patrick Johnson agreed and said, “It is more competitive and players are not worrying about their contracts or money.  They are just playing hard and having fun, which results in better entertainment.”

Junior Isabelle Bowling offered a similar sentiment. “I prefer college because the players are playing more for enjoyment than for a profit, like NFL. I also think it’s more exciting to go to a game/ watch college football on TV because everyone is rooting for their school.”

Senior Ellie Fullerton said, “It’s more entertaining in my opinion. I personally don’t like watching the NFL.”

Sophomore Gus Gibbons said, “You get to see the college football playoffs, and you get to see how teams get upset, and that is always fun.”

Senior Adam Luckey included a link to a video that backs up his view that college traditions, history, fans and atmosphere make it superior to the NFL experience.  The video highlights some of the top traditions and chants from across college football.

Others appreciate the professionalism and structure of the NFL and all that comes with that, even fantasy football and players taking their talents to other ‘stages’…

Math teacher Ashley Brothers said, “On a more consistent basis they have faster and more talented athletes,” and junior Ryan Gear said NFL is “the best of the best.”

Junior Chloe Maushart agreed. “It’s a higher level of playing and I’ve just been raised watching the NFL not college football.”

Senior Jack Potter is in favor of the structure of the NFL. “32 teams are easier to follow than however many college teams there are.”

Sophomore Nick Carter said, “I like the NFL because you get to cheer for your fantasy team while watching the games.”

Senior Miranda Taylor agreed and when asked why she likes the NFL more she simply said, “Fantasy.”

Senior Kate Murray was adamant in her support for the NFL over college football when she answered: “Because, players go on Dancing with the Stars.”

Some say the NFL is headed in the wrong direction:

Sophomore Jack Dause echoed the thoughts of many critics of the NFL by saying, “You can actually sack the QB in college.”

This notion seemed to ring true with senior Grant Baker.  “The NFL is turning soft and college players have something to prove,” he said.

Still, there are some who chose the “I don’t like football” option in the survey:

Spanish teacher Sergio Munda said, “I prefer to watch soccer live and on TV. I like to occasionally go watch a high school or college football game if it means getting together with friends.”

“It has become less of a sport and more of a business,” senior Hailey Bell said.

Sophomore Madeline Daley said, “I don’t watch sports.  YouTube is better than any sport.”

…And then there are those with Xavier connections…

Senior JP Sheehan said, “In my honest opinion, NFL and college football are quite comparable in the enjoyment I have while watching them. There is a heart that college football has playing for their school but the overall talent of every NFL player sets the National football league apart. Also, I am a big Xavier basketball fan, and since they don’t have a team for me to root for on Saturday afternoons, I often find myself cheering on the underdogs. In the NFL, I have a team that I can cheer on every Sunday/Monday night and that gives it the edge over college football for me.”

Director of Curriculum Dan Rosenbaum said, “I follow pro football more because I grew up watching the Bengals. My parents grew up in Cleveland and were Browns fans and were not college football fans. I also went to Xavier which didn’t have college football. And finally, my Saturday’s in the fall have also always been full of Cross-Country meets so I have not made it a habit of watching college.”



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