October Book Review: Carrie will scare your socks off

Disclaimer: The following review may contain some spoilers revolving around the plot and background. The review is simply my own opinion, you may disagree.

This year, I will be reviewing books based around their genres. This month’s genre is Horror.

In these reviews I will rate the books on a starring system using an appropriate symbol: bookmarks.

5/5 Bookmarks: This book will land in my all-time favorite book list and you should stop what you are doing and read it, no matter what.

4/5 Bookmarks: You should try to read it at some point in your free time.

3/5 Bookmarks: If you are bored or going on a long trip, it might be fun to read.

2/5 Bookmarks: I would not really bother unless you enjoy the author.

1/5 Bookmarks: The book would make a better coaster for your Coke than a book.

0/5 Bookmarks: Congrats! You now have kindling! (just kidding, please do not burn books; just do not waste your money or your time with this one)!

Carrie by Stephen King

This October, I read Carrie, a very popular horror novel. This horror story is about the consequences of pushing a young girl with telekinetic powers over the edge.


I had always heard great things about Stephen King books, but for some reason I had never gotten around to reading them. No better place to start then Carrie I suppose, as it was the first book that King ever published. The novel is a haunting story about a teenage girl named Carrie who is often bullied and humiliated at her high school because she is the daughter of a religious fanatic and has few friends. At home, Carrie doesn’t escape the abuse. Subjected to beatings, long hours of neglect locked in a tiny closet, and forced to endure terrifying religious sermons performed by her mother, Carrie is trapped in a never-ending nightmare. What Carrie’s tormentors don’t know, is that she has been gifted or cursed with telekinetic powers.

I had already seen the movie so I was familiar with the ending (if you don’t know the famous ending to Carrie I won’t spoil it here), but what I didn’t know was just how much of the book was missing from the movie. The movie was very faithful to the book in plot, but what makes this a very creepy read are the hints and foreshadowing given to the reader from snippets of books, newspapers, and official documents covering the aftermath of the climax. The true horror of the book comes from the cruelty that Carrie is subjected to and the lack of empathy she receives. I will warn that this is a book with graphic imagery and curse words. Otherwise this is a spooky story perfect for a dark and stormy night: Rated 🔖 🔖 🔖 🔖 .

Carrie by Stephen King is available in the McNicholas High School library. Do you have a book that you would like me to review? Please suggest it in the comments or send me an email via 102867@mcnhs.org.

If you are interested in reading and discussing books with your peers and librarians, you should join the book club! They have snacks, books, and opinions! The read for this month is Midnight at the Electric by Jodi Lynn Anderson. The next meeting is November 1.

Next month’s genre: Graphic Novels

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