McNick’s A-team prepares for upcoming season

McNicholas High School offers a variety of opportunities to join teams and clubs, but the A-team is different from the rest. The Academic Team has begun their season with weekly practices on Mondays. The team, moderated by science teacher John Chadwell and SAIL teacher Hannah Schwab, had their first match at Cincinnati State on Oct. 23.

“Academic team is an extracurricular activity where a team of students competes against teams from other area high schools in a general knowledge/trivia competition,” Chadwell said. There are no restrictions on who can join the team, but their roster is complete for the year.  This year, the team is filled with returning seniors including Seth Roetenberger and Daniel English with 4 years of experience, Myles Bailey with 3 and a half, Madison Boeckman, Jack Potter, Josh Menscik, and Zach Tucker with 3, and Skylar Maushart, Connor Tomlinson, and Cole Taylor with 2.

“I’m excited to see what our talented and dedicated team can accomplish this season.”  English said.  “My favorite thing is how the teammates support each other just like in every sport. While it may seem like trivia to others, we are a team and are there for each other.”

Pictured: Seniors Cole Taylor, Myles Bailey, Josh Menscik, and Seth Roetenberger

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