Christmas music causes stress, draws away from importance of Thanksgiving

As Halloween marks the end of October and the turning of the calendar to a new month, stores begin gearing up for the holiday season with countless displays of Christmas trees and Santa Claus, while in the background, one can make out the faint humming of “Jingle Bells.” Americans have seemingly skipped the entire month of November and forsaken a holiday that has not only served as a reminder of American history, but as a reminder to remain thankful: Thanksgiving.

Many people claim that Thanksgiving music does not exist, and therefore Christmas music should be listened to throughout the turkey season. As a result, the Christmas spirit spreads much earlier than it should. With Christmas, some individuals experience what has been called “festive stress.” As reported by CBS News, “Hearing a Christmas song can spark thoughts of all the things you have to do before the holiday, like shopping, party planning and traveling.”

Junior Anna Voet said that the holidays stress her out, and Christmas music should be listened to “after Thanksgiving,” because it is important to “take it one step at a time.” Aside from the stress that the Christmas season may bring, it is also important to recognize Thanksgiving as an important holiday. If at the conclusion of Halloween, everyone switches gears to Christmas, and immediately begins to focus on that, then what is the point of even recognizing Thanksgiving as a holiday? Furthermore, listening to the same songs for an extended period of time can cause boredom.

“I still stand by the thought that moderation is important between Halloween and Thanksgiving,” said sophomore Madeline Daley. “Because you do not want to let the music become boring to listen to.”

In the meantime, here is a legendary Thanksgiving song to enjoy.



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