Christmas gifts on a budget: 10 gifts under $10

Christmas is fast approaching, which means beginning the hunt for the perfect present for a friend or loved one in hopes of expressing love and appreciation. This task can seem overwhelming when shopping for every family member, as well as every close friend. This Christmas, grab your coat and hat and head out to the store with this list of 10 gifts for under $10.

“Open when…” letters

For a heartfelt, meaningful gift that will definitely not be overlooked, write a series of letters for friends to open at different times throughout the year. These letters address the various emotions or occasions that loved ones may experience such as “open when you are feeling sad,” or “open when it’s your birthday.” Other examples are:

  1. Open when you are feeling nostalgic
  2. Open when you are in need of a laugh
  3. Open when you feel lonely
  4. Open when you want to reminisce
  5. Open when you forget how much you are loved
  6. Open when you are trying to make a decision
  7. Open when you need inspiration
  8. Open when you need motivation

A set of cards and envelops cost $5.99 at Meijer.



Nothing can beat the cozy glow and burning scent of a candle flickering on the mantel on a cold winter night. Surprise friends and loved ones with these lovely, and inexpensive gifts this Christmas. A candle from the Candle-Lite Company is $1.99 at Meijer and comes in scents like apple cinnamon crisp, or cozy vanilla cashmere.


52 notes for every week of the year

For this gift, grab a jar for $2.99 and some Post-it notes for $4.99, which can both be purchased at Meijer. Write a short note or inspirational phrase on 52Post-it notes and tuck them away in the jar. This way, a friend can open a different note every week of the next year.



The 80s are making a comeback with this next super simple gift idea. A staple look for every high school girl, scrunchies will be appreciated without a doubt. A pack of three of these unique, and useful hair products can be bought at Walmart for $3.88.


To-go cup with a sweet treat

For this next gift, invest in to-go cup and fill it to the brim with a friend’s favorite candy. The candy offers an immediate indulgence, while the cup can be used over and over again to cut back on the waste of disposable cups and straws. A to-go cup with a straw costs $4.99 and a bag of candy costs $2.69, both at Meijer.



Decorated cookies

Even if one is challenged in the kitchen, decorating cookies for friends can still be a fun activity. If baking cookies and making icing from scratch seems a bit difficult, don’t fret. Just pick up a pack of sugar cookies for $3.19 and icing for $1.39 at Kroger. Ice the cookies, and deck them out with colorful sprinkles, which cost $1.49.cookies.png


For individuals who prefer to do their shopping from the comfort of their own home over the internet, invest in a couple of adorable wire ornaments for $4.95 from Gifts With Humanity. These handmade decorations are authentic and are fair trade, which means that the person who made them receives the money that was used to purchase them.


Photo curtesy of

Movie night

There’s nothing like curling up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a movie, so this Christmas, give a friend the gift of a relaxing movie night. All of the movie essentials can be picked up at Walmart, including a movie for $3.74, a box of candy for $0.98, a box of microwaveable popcorn for $1.58, and a bottle of Coca Cola for $ night.png

Spa kit

Treat a friend or family member to a stress reducing self-care kit. This gift compiles a few must-have bath products such as bath bombs for $3.99, a face mask for $1.97, body lotion for $0.99, and bath salts for$1.00, all of which can be found at Target.

spa kit

Color Themed Boxes

For this final gift, feel free to embrace creativity. Being able to recall facts about loved ones, even if it is something as small as their favorite color, can be an expression of one’s genuine care for another. Gather an assortment of items in your friend or family member’s favorite color, and gift it to them for the holidays. For example, a red box may consist of Skittles for $0.99, a mug for $5.00, a can of original Pringles for $1.50, all from Target, and couple of Ghirardelli peppermint chocolate squares for $1.00 at Kroger.




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