Christmas cookies: A common denominator of many holiday traditions

The Christmas season is shrouded in traditions like putting up the Christmas tree, hanging the stockings, and baking countless trays of cookies. Whether the cookies are for Santa or to enjoy with family and friends, embark on a cookie baking adventure with a few new recipes steeped in love and memories to share this holiday season.

Sugar Cookies

“[Baking sugar cookies] is a thing I do every year with my aunt,” junior Erin Callahan said. “My brothers have joined us sometimes, but every year without fail it’s me and my aunt.” Callahan’s aunt works as an emergency room pediatrician and often works far away, so the opportunities that they have to see each other are limited. “Making these cookies is a time we always have to catch up and it’s always something I look forward to over the holidays.”

The recipe can be found here.

sugar cookies

Photo courtesy of The Food Network.

Russian Tea Cake

“My mom always made Russian Tea Cake at Christmas time,” Jeff Hutchinson-Smyth said. “The recipe is pretty standard, and they’re nothing special to look at, but they’re a part of the tradition for me.” The cookies were an expression of Hutchinson’s German-American heritage, and his great aunt would include them in the vast array of cookies she would “churn out with love each year.”

The recipe can be found here.


Photo courtesy of The Recipe.


“Every year my mom, sister, and I go to my aunt’s house and meet with my mom’s five sisters to bake cookies to give away,” junior Chloe Maushart said. “Each sister bakes a different cookie from scratch, which makes it really fun.” Snikerdoodles have always been Maushart’s favorite, and “it would be a crime not to share this recipe.”

The recipe can be found here.


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Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

“My mom, my grandma, and I would always make cookies together the week before Christmas,” junior Isabelle Bowling said. “We would cut them into shapes and decorate them together all while singing Christmas music severely off-key.” Bowling finds this experience to help build community among her family and bring them closer together.

The recipe can be found here.

chocolate chip

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Does your family have a favorite Christmas cookie recipe or tradition? Be sure to share your story below and comment with a link to the cookie recipe that is a tradition in your family.


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