McNick’s new fundraiser: Rockets introduce Rock-It Raffle as Walk Day replacement

McNick has made the move to forgo using Walk Day as a way to bring in funds and is transitioning this year to the newly rolled out Rock-It Raffle.

The raffle will involve students selling books of 10 tickets at $5 a ticket to raise money for the school.  There will be a grand prize of $5,000 and 10% of any sales over $50,000 along with various individual and class prizes to be announced on Monday, Dec 17 at a pep rally.

Spirit Club Moderator and math teacher Ashley Brothers said, “We’ve been listening to complaints and suggestions to make the changes to make it better.”  Brothers also emphasized the importance of student involvement.  “It is very important and keeps our programs running,” Brothers said, “It helps us stay competitive with other schools.”

According to Director of Development Mark Doran, a change from using Walk Day as a fundraiser was necessary for multiple reasons.

He said times have shifted from the days where students would go door-to-door for donations to the school.  In recent years, it is the findings of the administration that parents and other immediate family members appear to be footing the majority of the bill when Walk Day comes around.  Doran said it had become a “tax on parents” and that was never the intention or purpose for the fundraiser.

Moving the fundraiser to late December into January helps alleviate the issue of it falling too close to the beginning of the school year and keeps it far enough from McNick at Night that Doran believes it will help maximize potential revenue for the school.

The adjustments made for Rock-It Raffle are solely based on generating more revenue; however, the event is also designed in part to bring back a sense of service and giving back from the students to their school.  “We’d like to make it a tradition,” Doran said.

Alumni from across the country will be notified and encouraged to participate in the new fundraiser as well.  The incentive is that not only will they be giving back to their alma mater and aiding current and future generations of Rockets, but they too will also be in on the chances for the $5,000 drawing.

According to Doran, it is Principal David Mueller who coined the name “Rock-It Raffle.” The fundraiser will kick off with the Dec 17 pep rally and conclude on Jan 25. More information can be found in the weekly newsletter.

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