Student teachers join McNicholas for the semester

Two student teachers, Mr. Zachary Stark and Ms. Jessica Tiettmeyer, have joined the Social Studies and Science Departments, respectively, for the remainder of the 2018-2019 school year.

Mr. Zachary Stark:

Xavier University student Mr. Zachary Stark is student teaching for Mr. Randy Royal and Mr. Frank Lowden’s government classes this semester. Stark said the students are “…ready to learn, happy, and joyful.” 

Mr. Zachary Stark is a student teacher in both Mr. Randy Royal and Mr. Frank Lowden’s classes this semester.

He graduated from St. Xavier High School where he was on the wrestling team. He then started at Xavier University, where he is currently studying to become a teacher. Stark is a fantasy football fanatic, and spends his time watching sports, reading history books, and learning about education. Although not a McNick grad, Stark has familial ties to the school, and thinks the students here are “the most fun, ready to learn, happy, and joyful.”

“When you go to college and you sign up for education, the first class they tell you, ‘From now on you are preparing for student teaching cause it’s going to be hardest part of your career at Xavier.’ It’s just a lot of work. Everything you do has to be written down and explained in order to get your licensure. It’s a lot of writing, a lot of tests, and I’m still taking classes at Xavier,” Stark said.

Jessica Tiettmeyer:

Ms. Jessica Tiettmeyer is student teaching for Mrs. Regina Goines in chemistry this semester. Tiettmeyer is a former student of Goines’ and is a 2011 graduate of McNicholas.

Ms. Jessica Tiettmeyer, is a student teacher for Mrs. Regina Goines this semester. Tiettmeyer, a McNicholas graduate of the Class of 2011, is also a former student of Goines’. She will be taking over the Chemistry class and teaching a section of Environmental Science.

“You never stop learning as a teacher. You’re always figuring out new and better ways to do things every single day of your life. I want her to learn that you can learn a lot form the kids, and I want her to learn that there’s a lot of good ways to do things, and if her good way and someone else’s good way isn’t the same, that’s ok,” Goines said about what she hoped Tiettmeyer learned as a student teacher.

“Student teachers are nervous too. I had student teachers when I was in high school, and you’re getting to know somebody new, and it’s like, ‘This is weird,’ but the student teachers are just as nervous. It’s hard for us to get to know you guys. We want to do well and we want to have a good relationship with all of you,” Tiettmeyer said.

Tiettmeyer went to UNC Wilmington where she earned her undergraduate degree in Chemistry. She worked at Proctor & Gamble before returning to school to get her master’s degree to teach. She went to McNicholas for high school where she participated in the marching band and went to Bands of America in Indianapolis as a sophomore. Alongside her participation in band in high school and college, Tiettmeyer also enjoys to bake.

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