Book Review: The Rosie Project will steal your heart this February  

Disclaimer: The following review may contain some spoilers revolving around the plot and background. The review is simply my own opinion, you may disagree. 

This year, I will be reviewing books based on their genres. This month’s genre is Romance.  

In these reviews, I will rate the books on a starring system using an appropriate symbol: bookmarks. 

5/5 Bookmarks: This book will land in my all-time favorite book list and you should stop what you are doing and read it, no matter what. 

4/5 Bookmarks: You should try to read it at some point in your free time. 

3/5 Bookmarks: If you are bored or going on a long trip, it might be fun to read. 

2/5 Bookmarks: I would not really bother unless you enjoy the author. 

1/5 Bookmarks: The book would make a better coaster for your Coke than a book. 

0/5 Bookmarks: Congrats! You now have kindling! (just kidding, please do not burn books; just do not waste your money or your time with this one)! 

This February, I read The Rosie Project, by Graeme Simsion. This romance novel focuses on the socially inept Don Tillman as he attempts to find the perfect wife.

I confess that romance is not exactly my favorite genre. I find the tropes exhausting and exhausted. So, when I decided to honor this month’s genre of romance, for February’s Valentine’s Day, I wasn’t exactly excited. However, I’m pleased to say that I found a romance novel that I found delightfully charming and quite humorous. The Rosie Project, by Graeme Simsion, is focused on the plight of Don Tillman as he attempts to find a wife. The problem is that Don is incredibly socially inept. Although he is a professor of genetics and incredibly successful, he’s never been on a second date. However, after a close friend of his tells him he’d make a “wonderful” husband, he decides to begin searching for a wife. Don goes about this in perhaps the most logical way of doing things: creating a long questionnaire to find the perfect partner. She will be intelligent, sensible, and punctual, and yet when Rosie Jarman steps into his life, his plan goes out the window. Rosie is an eternally late, sharp, graduate student who is on her own quest to find her real father, two decades after her mother’s death. Don is strangely drawn to her and resolves to help her, even though he knows logically they could never be together. Watching these two people rotate around each other, clashing and growing together was wonderful. A main theme in the Rosie Project is people missing what is directly in front of them, perfectly shown in how both characters miss the fact that they are both in love with each other and that the other is in love with them. This is also portrayed in the fact that Don Tillman has Asperger’s syndrome, and everyone seems to know, except him. I’ll admit, when I first heard about this book, I was a bit worried about some factors, including how Don’s Asperger’s syndrome was going to be handled, and the inherent sexist factors of Don’s wife questionnaire. I’m pleased to report though, that these issues were actually handled quite well in the story. This story has actually restored some of my faith in romance novels, and I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in a hilariously romantic novel. Rated 4.5/5 bookmarks, the Rosie Project is a witty, hilariously sweet story.  

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion is currently available in the McNicholas High School library.

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