March Book Review: No Exit will leave you guessing till the end

Disclaimer: The following review may contain some spoilers revolving around the plot and background. The review is simply my own opinion, you may disagree.

This year, I will be reviewing books based on their genres. This month’s genre is Mystery.

In these reviews, I will rate the books on a starring system using an appropriate symbol: bookmarks.

5/5 Bookmarks: This book will land in my all-time favorite book list and you should stop what you are doing and read it, no matter what.

4/5 Bookmarks: You should try to read it at some point in your free time.

3/5 Bookmarks: If you are bored or going on a long trip, it might be fun to read.

2/5 Bookmarks: I would not really bother unless you enjoy the author.

1/5 Bookmarks: The book would make a better coaster for your Coke than a book.

0/5 Bookmarks: Congrats! You now have kindling! (just kidding, please do not burn books; just do not waste your money or your time with this one)!

no exit
This March, I read No Exit by Taylor Adams. This mystery thriller focuses on 19-year-old Darby Thorne as she attempts to discover which of the strangers she is trapped with is actually a dangerous kidnapper.

Ah, mystery, the eternal edge-of-you-seat genre. Done right, and any reader will be pleasantly surprised when the plot is finally revealed; done wrong, and readers will be left disappointed and bored. Thankfully No Exit by Taylor Adams does the former.

When college sophomore Darby Thorne receives the call from her older sister that her mother, who has late-stage pancreatic cancer, may not survive the night, Darby does what any normal daughter would do and rushes toward home in Utah. Unfortunately for Darby “Snowmageddon” hits her in the mountains of Colorado leaving her stranded for 13 hours at a rest stop with four strangers, a dying phone, and no exit. When she goes out to try and find a cell signal she stumbles across a horrifying discovery a 9-year-old girl locked in a crate in the back of a van. With no idea who owns the van and no idea on who she can trust, Darby begins a very tense night with a possibly deadly end.

No Exit starts running within the first few pages and does not stop until the ending. I loved Darby because of how complex she was; she’s just a regular girl with flaws and impulse. She doesn’t want to be a hero but is a naturally empathetic person. The other stand-out portion of the book is her relationship with the villain. I won’t reveal the twist here, but the similarities and differences between the two make their relationship full of charm and venom. This book does have some gory parts that made me step away for a few minutes but overall this is a fantastic mystery novel. Rated 5/5 bookmarks, No Exit is a roller-coaster ride of a mystery novel that I strongly recommend.

No Exit by Taylor Adams is currently available in the McNicholas High School library.

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