Students commit to continuing athletics at next level

By: Katie Limberg and Vinny Ramundo

On April 17, senior athletes Ben Bryll, Hunter Evans, Aiji Gregory, and Grant Murray signed their national letters of intent to continue their athletic careers at the collegiate level.  Bryll will golf at Thomas More University; Evans, track at Baldwin Wallace University; Gregory, lacrosse at Capital University; Murray, soccer at Wilmington College.

Ben Bryll

Ben Bryll, who committed to playing golf at Thomas More University in the Diocese of Covington, first picked up golf clubs when he was about seven.  He started playing varsity matches sophomore year and was on the team all four years of high school.

According to Bryll, his dad has been an influential figure throughout his golfing career.  “My dad has helped me the most.  He was the person who taught me how to play golf and has encouraged my love for golf by taking me to play some nice courses,” Bryll said.

“I chose TMU because I had already liked the school, it is pretty close to home, and they offered me a decent amount of money to play.  Also my dad is an alum, so that was a neat coincidence,” Bryll added.

While he has not yet declared a major for the fall, Bryll said, “I’m looking forward to the freedom… and hopefully the more free time I will have.”

Hunter Evans

During the 2019/2020 academic year, Hunter Evans will continue his career in cross country and track at Baldwin Wallace University, located near Cleveland.

Evans began running cross country and track as an eighth grader and continued throughout high school. For all four of his years at McNicholas, Evans was a part of the varsity line up for both cross country and track.

During his high school career, Evans was greatly impacted and inspired by his coaches and the upper classmen. In college, he plans to major in either sociology or psychology. Evans is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to run in college and is looking forward to “being a part of a new community of people and taking new classes.”

Aiji Gregory

Aiji Gregory will attend Capital University in Columbus year to further his athletic career in lacrosse. Gregory first began his endeavors in lacrosse as a freshman at McNicholas. Playing all four years, two of which as a swing player and the other two as a varsity player, Gregory looks up to professional lacrosse player Paul Rabil for inspiration and motivation.

“I really look forward to playing college ball with some of my best friends, and I’m looking forward to being out on my own,” Gregory said. He will be pursuing a career in sports medicine.

Grant Murray

Grant Murray received offers from multiple schools and ultimately settled on Wilmington College to continue his soccer career.

Murray has been playing soccer since the age of three and has never looked back.  Murray was a four-year athlete as a member of the McNicholas soccer program and spent three of those seasons with the varsity team.

His parents have been by his side throughout his athletic journey, and he says they have helped him more than anyone.  When deciding on the right place to continue playing soccer, Murray also took academics and his future career into consideration.  “I chose Wilmington because they have a great athletic training program and a great soccer team,” Murray said.

signing day last
Seniors Ben Bryll, Hunter Evans, Aiji Gregory, and Grant Murray participated in the final athletic signing day of the 2018-2019 school year.  These students signed their national letters of intent to continue their athletic careers at the collegiate level.

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