Iced coffee hacks for summer: Revamp your favorite drink

Summer is kicking off, and the change in the season calls for the evolution of one of the most beloved caffeinated drinks of our time: coffee. Iced coffee is the perfect alternative to the otherwise hot beverage during the summer months, but the expense of picking up a cup of iced coffee every day on your way to your summer job can add up quickly. Here are four fun iced coffee hacks that you can do at home.

Inverted Iced Coffee

Brew your coffee, pour it in an ice tray, and leave it in the freezer overnight. Then, use the frozen coffee cubes as a base for your summery, caffeine infused beverage. Pour almond milk over the cubes, add any sweetener you desire, and then enjoy. “I think that making ice cubes out of coffee is a really good idea because it keeps it from getting watered down and it lasts longer,” sophomore Emily Sarge.

ice cube coffee

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Easy Cold Brew Coffee

Craft your coffee in the fridge to create a smooth, cool coffee experience. Add your favorite coffee grounds to a mason jar, and fill it up with water. Leave it in the refrigerator to brew overnight, strain the coffee in the morning to remove the grounds, and add your favorite creamer along with a few ice cubes. “I make cold brew coffee for my sister so she doesn’t have to water down her hot coffee with ice cubes,” junior Chloe Maushart said.

cold brew

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Simple syrups

For those of us with a sweet tooth, iced coffee can prove to be a bit complicated while adding granulated sugar to the mix. Crunchy coffee is less than appetizing, so keep your iced coffee smooth by making a simple syrup. “I got the recipe from [junior] Anna Voet, and I boiled water and added sugar to make the syrup,” junior Elise Nyktas said. The syrup, which is made with one-part water to one-part sugar, can be flavored by adding vanilla, caramel, or anything else your heart desires.

simple syrup

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Coffee Popsicles

Turn your daily cup of joe into a poolside treat by digging up those ancient popsicle molds you may have used as a child. Freeze your favorite coffee into a delectable sweet treat and enjoy as a dessert or a midday snack. If you are at a loss for popsicle molds, plastic Dixie cups and popsicle sticks are sufficient as well. Get creative with flavors by adding cinnamon, coconut, or anything else seems to go with coffee.


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