Student Council introduces spirit competition

For the 2019-2020 school year, Student Council introduced a new competition among grades to encourage student support at McNicholas events.

Students are to share events they have attended by posting pictures of themselves at the event on Twitter and tagging the Student Council Twitter account. Members of Student Council will then keep track of who has attended the most events, and the students who attended the most events at the end of the year will receive a prize.

Jennifer Tumser, Students Council moderator, said that this competition is meant to serve as motivation for more students to get involved. Student Council President Ian Burt said they came up with the idea after hearing about other schools hosting similar competitions to promote school spirit.

Burt and Tumser both have high hopes for the newly implemented competition. “One of [Student Council’s] big goals is to bring spirit and unity back to the student body,” Tumser said.

Burt added that he hopes this competition will also encourage students to go to the less popular events. “It’s going to take people going above and beyond to win,” Burt said.

Depending on how participation goes this year, Student Council said they intend to put on this competition each year in hopes that school spirit will continue to rise.

Students cheer on the McNicholas football team at the game against Indian Hill on Sept. 6. The Rockets won the game 16-6 for their second win of the season. Photo courtesy of junior Elizabeth Granlund.

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