Woodruff works to keep McNick clean and neat

One of the most important figures at McNicholas often eludes the public consciousness. However, his contributions to the school are long-lasting and impactful.

McNicholas High School’s Manager of Buildings and Grounds, Mr. Mike Woodruff, often flies under the radar among McNicholas students. However, he is responsible for the upkeep and improvement of the McNicholas campus.

Woodruff’s position gives him the “primary responsibility… to fix or repair what’s broken and keep the buildings and grounds clean and neat,” which includes, “cutting the grass, mowing, all the outdoor activities, making sure the cleaning crew, cleaning company, does their job, and anything else that will come my way.”

Over the 29 years that Woodruff has worked at McNicholas, he has undertaken projects such as the auxiliary gym, the new entryway, the cafeteria, the library, and Paradise, although he said “it was nothing compared to what it is now.” Woodruff has left his mark on all of these projects which contribute to the daily student life at McNicholas.

“Any time I complete a job and it’s done right, and it works,” Woodruff said, “I’m proud.”

Priority for projects in Woodruff’s docket “depends on the job. There are some jobs that [need] to be done right away. Others can wait.”

When McNicholas decides to undertake a large facilities project, Woodruff serves as a consultant. “Sometimes they want my input, what they can or can’t do.”

Off campus, Woodruff works to improve his capabilities. “I’m constantly honing my skills. I do things for other people, which helps me [at McNicholas]. I’m constantly looking at new ways of doing things on YouTube, for example.”

Woodruff added that he goes to school at night. “I hope that it makes me not only a better employee but a smarter one,” he said.

Woodruff hesitated to name an interesting fact about himself because “that’s the funny thing about interesting facts. [Some] things I might find interesting others might not.”

However, Woodruff said, “I love music; I play an acoustic guitar and … bass guitar.” Woodruff said he is an “avid reader,” who likes “studying the Bible.”

“It’s been fun [the] last 29 years,” Woodruff said.

Mike Woodruff is the Manager of Buildings and Grounds at McNicholas. He works to keep the McNicholas campus in a “clean and neat” state.

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