Students should spend more time with others, not their cell phones

By Hallie Kim

Most students use their cell phones in school hallways, classrooms, and café during every school day. They often play games on their cell phones, watch YouTube, send and receive messages with friends, and search Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  This phenomenon is a common occurrence in a world where technology has advanced and the Internet has been developed, but students who use mobile phones at school every day are unfortunately wasting their own time using mobile phones.

In the classroom, students often have a hard time not using their mobile phones. Math teacher Kathy Tyler collects her students’ cell phones at the start of class. “It is too much of a distraction,” she said.

Students use mobile phones most often during class breaks and lunch breaks before. At this time, students often relax while playing games, to see and read messages, check notifications they missed during class, or to reduce the fatigue of 50 minutes of class.

It’s not bad for them to use their cell phones for breaks, but during the short time that students come to school, they should just spend time with friends and teachers to enjoy school life more than they do by using their cell phones.


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