McNick to donate uniform skirts

In the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year, there will be a skirt drive in which students can donate their old plaid skirts to Matthew 25: Ministries and be sent to a developing country.

Now that the new skorts have been phased into the McNick uniform, some students wanted an option to be able to give their skirts to someone who needed them.

“We were like, we have so many plaid skirts that we can donate…what are we going to do with these skirts?” said senior and Student Council member Ellie Rudolph.

Initially, Student Council looked for an option within the archdiocese where they could donate, such as another Catholic school.  However, there wasn’t a need nearby, so Rudolph contacted Matthew 25.

“They’re going to go to a developing country. I don’t have the exact location yet, but we’re figuring that out,” Rudolph said.

Students are encouraged to collect skirts over Christmas Break, both in their own home, and from any family members or former alumni they may know.

Rudolph hopes that the skirt drive serves as a reminder to everyone of all the opportunities they have. “These people are taking our hand-me-downs, our old skirts that we wore for years, and it’s something new to them…it puts it in perspective for us how lucky we are to wear a uniform and go to this school,” Rudolph said.

Senior Ellie Rudolph is organizing the donation of the old skirts to Matthew 25: Ministries, but she is not the only person involved. “Ms. Tumser, she has been helping me.  She’s our Student Council moderator, so she is always supporting my little projects, but Mr. Mueller has been helpful with it, and PTSA,” Rudolph said.

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