Braving the holidays: The seven types of shoppers to look out for

Every year millions of people celebrate Christmas around the world. It is tradition to give presents to those you love as the three wise men gave presents to baby Jesus. Throughout the end of the year people start to get ready for Christmas and buy presents, but if there are millions of people overloading the stores every year that means there are different type of shoppers in the stores. What kind of shoppers will you see this Christmas season?

The Black Friday Shoppers

On Black Friday stores are always packed and their shelves are wiped clean, even if the deals aren’t very good. The Black Friday shopper is leaving the Thanksgiving table mid-dessert and is at the stores right when they open. They will walk out with a cart full and almost all of them are Christmas presents or an overflow of random socks, clothes, as well as the occasionally weird mug that was only 99 cents and the oversized stuffed bear for $10, even if they don’t even need it. These people may need to be watched out for as they will crowd the stores, possibly snatching deals from others’ carts; they are the serious deal hunters looking for the best prices of the year.

The Over Spender

The Over Spender always wants the best most expensive presents they can possibly get off their friends’ or family’s list. Many times the Over Spender will buy hundreds of dollars’ worth of items and will often not even have enough money for gas, and if they’re lucky, they keep the receipt. Over Spenders will often spend so much they don’t have enough money to get everyone something and are forced to return gifts because they have realized money doesn’t grow on trees.

Only Cyber Monday

The following Monday after Black Friday has been named Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is perfect for those who hate the crowds and lines, or are looking for a better deal as some stores offer better deals than on Black Friday. This person orders everything online and has so many packages they know the UPS and Amazon delivery drivers by name. They wake up earlier to get all the good deals and watch online for the deals and to make sure nothing is out of stock.

The Procrastinator

The Procrastinator is the person who waits until the absolute last minute to purchase Christmas gifts. They usually are so busy they keep pushing off purchasing gifts because they simply don’t have time, or they just don’t know what to get and wait to see what everyone else gets. These are the people with messy wrapping jobs because they were doing it at 1 am on Christmas morning after returning from Christmas Eve shopping. Their gifts are always simple and cute like movies, candy, pajamas, or something ordered from a favorite store.

 Small Gift Shoppers

These are the shoppers that usually get you something little but useful. They don’t want to go overboard on your present because they don’t want to be that one friend who shows up with 300 presents and puts to shame everyone else who got you candy, but they will get you something nice that they know you truly want.

Wait — it’s Christmas?

The forgetful shopper is usually not really realizing Christmas is here . They will do every single Christmas activity but cannot remember to get anyone presents even if they are reminded every day. Their gifts might be last minute purchase from Dollar Tree on Christmas Eve, but everyone does love a box of candy or a crossword. They may not remember to get you something but they’re always the most fun, and their real present is being with you on Christmas day.

The Early Bird

These are the shoppers that have been planning and budgeting for Christmas since last Christmas and has everyone’s presents written on a list with the exact price. These are the shoppers who have purchases and wrapping finished before its even Christmas in July and will always have everything done before it even gets closer to December. Don’t worry — if something new is added to the list, they have left plenty of time to go and get that last present with plenty of time before Christmas.

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