How to wrap a present: Surviving Christmas one gift at a time

Part of the joy of the Christmas tradition of exchanging presents is the satisfying tearing of wrapping paper to uncover the gifts within, but wrapping the presents can become tricky. A mess of tape, decorative paper, and bags full of bows can be intimidating; however, it doesn’t have to be. With a box, some tape, scissors, wrapping paper, and a little patience, any gift can look like Santa himself wrapped it.

Roll out the paper and place the box on top of it.

Measure out how much paper you will need. This should be enough for the ends to overlap slightly in the middle of the box. Cut the amount of wrapping paper that you need. Remember, it’s better to have too much than too little.

Center the box and fold up the sides so that they overlap in the middle. Tape each side of the paper together at the top of the package.

On one open end, press the top layer of paper down the edge of the box so that a triangle of paper sticks out. Do this to both sides.

Take the triangle formed in the previous step and fold horizontally against the box. Repeat on both sides.

Now there should be a small flap left that looks triangular with the top cut off. Pull that flap up over the edge of the box and tape it to the paper on top of the box.

Repeat the previous steps for the other open side. Then adorn with bows, ribbons, or tags as desired.

Finally, enjoy watching as family members and friends satisfyingly tear through all your hard work.

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