A Dream Come True: A Wonderland Miracle

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story with inspiration from Michael Bublé’s song, Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). All characters, settings, and dialogue are figments of my imagination.

I stared out my radius window, sipping on dark coffee, cuddled underneath a fluffy blanket. The book I was reading lay haphazardly on my lap, forgotten from my mind. Outside was a Christmas wonderland, snow adorning trees and lampposts with a loving hug, glistening in the sunshine, while more fell from the sky. I watched as carolers moved from house to house, singing songs with smiles on their faces, and couples huddled together, laughing, trying to chase away the cold. Children’s happy screams pulled my attention, their faces rosy and their clothes covered in snow as they tackled one another.

I stood suddenly, the book dropping to the floor with a thud, my vision blurred as tears rimmed my eyes. A ringing echoed throughout the living room, effectively distracting me. I made my way to the phone sitting on the fireplace mantle, my face warming as I neared the fire. I jabbed at the screen, not looking at the caller ID.


“Hey, Baby!”

My eyes widened and I looked at my phone screen, not believing who called me.

Jack. My Jack.


“Merry Christmas Lis.”

A small smile landed on my lips, “Merry Christmas.”

“I’m sorry Lisa, that I can’t be there.”

My smile disappeared and turned into a frown. “It’s ok. Just please come home to me.”

“I wish I was there now though. The guys are all pretty grim.”

The conversation died down, neither one of us knowing what to say. I looked down, the ring on my left hand urging me to say something. I opened my mouth, but the words died on my tongue when the doorbell rang.

“Hang on one minute,” I said, but hastily added, “Please don’t leave.”

There was a soft chuckle as I moved to the front door, maneuvering past furniture and Christmas presents that were littering the floor, “I won’t,” the voice promised.

A wave of relief washed over me, and I felt myself relax at his words. The doorbell rang again, and I picked up the pace, “Coming!”

Looking out the peephole, I saw a pack of carolers standing outside my door, smiling though they were shivering. As I opened the door, they started singing “Deck the Halls.” The smile returned to my face, and I pulled the phone from my ear, hitting the speaker button.

“Listen, Jack!” I said excitedly, “my favorite Christmas song!” I pulled the phone back to my ear, about to comment on the carolers, but I paused when the song echoed through the phone.

“Jack?” I asked, the sound of my voice coming out through my phone as well as from my mouth.

My eyes widened and my heart rate increased as I tried to think of why this was happening.

The carolers started to sing the chorus when I began to move past them, shivering as snow landed on my uncovered arms. My slippers began to soak through and my toes were turning numb, but I kept moving forward. I pushed past the final two carolers and was brought face to face with a lopsided grinning brunette, his green eyes crinkled from his smile. My heart stopped as I took the man in, “Jack?”

His smile widened even more, and he let out a laugh, “Hey Lis.”

I ran forward, and jumped in his arms holding onto him tighter than I ever had. Tears ran down my face as he held me. When he let me down, I looked up at him with wide, bleary eyes, “I thought you were gone.”

“They let us go home for Christmas,” he whispered, the smile never leaving his face. His hand came up and rested on my cheek, wiping a few tears away with his thumb, and I welcomed the cold metal of his ring.

“Remind me to send a thank you to your Sergeant.”

“I will, but for now let’s just enjoy Christmas.” I nodded vigorously, turning in his arms to watch the carolers as they finished singing “Deck the Halls.” As the carolers began to leave from my doorstep, Jack and I made our way inside.  

The rest of the night was spent dancing to soft Christmas music in front of the fireplace, and enjoying each other’s company as the snow glinted in the moonlight.

Comment down below what your favorite Christmas song is.

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