Perspective from the court: Junior shares thoughts of transfer from Moeller to McNick

For every high school, there is an essence of traditions surrounding athletic events. Whether it be football, basketball, soccer, or any others, athletes’ views differ due to the school, their outside activities, and what they “want to do when they grow up.” However, there is a depth of personality that can be lost when viewing athletes playing their respective sports alone.

Carson Seemann is a junior basketball player. “I like to hang out with friends, play video games and play football. I like to hang out with my family and friends [and] my favorite thing I like to do outside of basketball is play video games or watch TV,” Seemann said.

As a transfer from Moeller, he said, “It was a hard time transferring, leaving all my friends and not knowing a lot of people here but it was a good feeling being welcomed with opened arms.”

As a student athlete, Seemann is the shooting guard and the point guard for the Varsity Men’s Basketball Team, and like many athletes, he has a pregame ritual: “Before games I always eat a pack of Skittles; I don’t know why but I have been doing it since I was young,” Seemann said. From McNicholas to Moeller, the basketball was different as well. “Basketball at Moeller was a very slow, sort of bland, experience. But coming here I noticed how much fun everyone has playing basketball and everyone knows how to play together and make each other better,” Seemann said. “[Playing for McNick]is a very cool experience. I get to bond with the guys on the team and make new friendships and get to play against good competition in the GCL,” he said. “I do plan on playing in college. I don’t know where I would want to play yet but hopefully I can make it to the next level.”

For his future Seemann wants to pursue a business degree in college and continue playing basketball. He is interested in schools located in the south, though he doesn’t know for sure where he wants to go yet.

“At games, it’s a crazy rush feeling seeing all those people there to support you and know they will cheer you on no matter what it,” Seemann said.
Photo courtesy of Liz Granlund.

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