McNick hosts junior high band students for Catholic Schools Week

For over a decade, McNick has hosted grade school band students during Catholic Schools Week. Students participate with McNick’s band for the day, working in an ensemble of students from various schools, and then performing as one band that evening.

The day/concert generally takes place during Catholic Schools Week, but was moved to February 5 this year due to several conflicts.

Director Keith Nance invites a guest director to work with the elementary band students every year, and this year’s director was former McNick student and band member, Patrick Bauer from the Class of 2001 and who is the current band director at Deer Park Junior/Senior High School.

“The junior high students get to come and see all the cool stuff that goes on here and be a part of the high school day…for the community at large it might be more impactful because it shows off just how much talent there is and the good teaching that goes on,” Band Director Keith Nance said.

Many students have participated in the concert in years past and have then gone on to participate in band at McNick, eventually playing in the same concert as high school students.

“I’m hoping that a kid will see [the band] performing, the jazz band, the percussion ensemble, things that they don’t normally get to see…they see us doing multiple things, and it’s kind of a showcase for McNick,” Nance said.

Junior Frances Granlund performed in a brass quartet during the concert, but was also one of several McNick band students who had taken part in the concert during middle school.  “I’m glad that so many students still have an interest in this event.  Hearing the grade schoolers play really shows me how much others enjoy music.  It also reminds me of how fortunate I have been to remain a part of a band, and that I am able to play every day,” Granlund said.

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