College Credit Plus: An option to consider when scheduling

During scheduling time, students must consider which classes would be the best fit for them. While most classes are listed on the scheduling sheets, one option that isn’t on the paper is College Credit Plus. College Credit Plus, or CCP, is when a high school student takes a class through a college either in person or online. These classes will be on both the high school and college transcripts. However, if a student attends a different college from where he or she took CCP classes, they need to be sure to make sure the college will accept CCP classes. Checking a college’s website is the best way to check if a school accepts CCP credits, but if the information isn’t listed, contacting an admissions representative is always an option.

CCP credits are weighted so that every three credit hours taken at a college account for a full year credit as well as counting toward college hours. The grade received in a CCP class will be a start to the college transcript, determining a student’s initial GPA in college. The grade in a CCP course, however, will not be on the high school report card.

According to counselor Matt Wehrman, McNicholas students have taken CCP courses at Cincinnati State, the University of Cincinnati Clermont, and the University of Cincinnati main campus. To enroll in CCP at any college, a student must apply to the school where they wish to attend classes. Students can choose between online courses, in which they would stay at McNicholas during the day, or classes at the college. In this case, they would leave McNicholas at some point of the day depending on when their class is held. “We try to work with every schedule, but obviously for a McNicholas education you have to go to religion class because religion classes are not a part of the College Credit Plus program,” Wehrman said. However, if night classes are offered, a student can be at McNicholas full time and still take CCP courses.

Private schools, such as McNicholas, do not offer reimbursement for the cost of the CCP class. In order for a private school student’s courses to be paid for, a student’s parent or guardian must apply for funding through the Ohio Board of Education. In early May, the parent and student will be notified of how many courses the cost will be covered for. However, a student is able to take more courses than are paid for if the family can afford it, and if they get it approved by McNicholas. This can help a student save money in college because they will have already taken classes that may be required.

Many students choose to take CCP as a way to engage in classes not offered at their high school, to free up their schedules for classes offered at their high school, or as a way to save money on classes in college. These classes also expose high school students to what they can expect in their future classes in college.


Junior Kristen Van Huss has taken two College Credit Plus classes through UC Clermont: An online history class and an English class at night. “It freed up my schedule at McNick… which has been really helpful because it means that I don’t have to sacrifice classes I want to take,” Van Huss said.


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