Unleash your inner artist: How to host a Bob Ross painting party

Bob Ross is a household name in the “Artists from the 70s on PBS” club, and an icon for his interesting dialogue and simplification of the art of painting. Watching Bob Ross painting tutorials can be entertaining, but if you’re looking for an even greater painting adventure, invite your friends over, and host the party of the century. The perfect Bob Ross painting party can be accomplished a few easy steps:

Collect the proper materials

The first things you will need to host your party are canvases. Make sure you have enough canvases for each person attending your party. Then, you will need paint brushes. You can purchase a variety pack of paint brushes from your local craft store, or from Meijer’s. Similarly, buy a pack of palate knives as well, as Bob also uses these tools quite frequently. Don’t forget to secure paint. Bob uses oil paints, so the best results will come from using oil paints. A small amount of oil paint goes a very long way, so a sampling set of oil paints will be more than sufficient. If you choose to work with oil paints, you will also need paint thinner to clean your brushes.Finally, make sure you have a tarp to cover work spaces, or a safe place to paint.

Choose a painting tutorial to follow

With 31 seasons of painting tutorials, choosing the perfect one to follow may be intimidating. Whichever tutorial you decide to conquer will work, however if you need a little help with this step, “Grey Mountains” is a great place to start.

Attempt to follow the tutorial with your friends

If you would like, you can hook the computer up to a TV so the tutorial is easier to see in a larger group of people. Have someone man the controls so they can pause and rewind the video as frequently as needed. Everyone’s painting will look different, and that is perfectly normal, so don’t worry about perfection. As Bob says, it’s your world, and the trees, rocks, and mountains are all just living in it. After painting has concluded, set aside a place for the paintings to dry. If you chose to use oil paints, they may take up to two weeks to dry, and then you can return them to their respective artist.

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