Take up the challenge: Impact the future with student fundraiser

Now is the time to call your grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and even second cousin Judith to inform them of the current goings-on at McNicholas and show them why they should support our school. It’s time for the annual student fundraiser.

Many school fundraisers, including this one, are designed to raise money so that tuition can be kept as low as possible. The fundraiser for 2020, however, offers more than that.

As part of the larger Special Appeal 2020: A Vision of McNick’s Future, this year’s student fundraiser provides the opportunity for students to make a lasting impact on the school through upgrades such as new furniture, more power outlets, and better climate control—including long-awaited air conditioning.

 Director of Development John Jorden stated that the fundraiser will give students “a glimpse of what McNick is going to look like [in the future].” Upgraded classroom environments will ensure that the McNicholas campus is state-of-the-art and ready to handle the learning needs of students long into the future, and the 2020 fundraiser is the school’s first step toward making this dream a reality.

This sounds great, but how do we support the fundraiser?

The student fundraiser began on February 20. It concludes on March 13, and the following week will include an awards assembly.

Prizes are being awarded now to lucky students who have contributed to the fundraiser, and more will be awarded. Contributions can be made online or by giving the Development Office (Mrs. McHugh, Mr. Jorden, or Mr. Young) money in an envelope labeled with the fundraiser and your name.

If we reach the major goal ($60 average per student), do we win Chick-fil-A and a day off school?

“Yes!” Jorden said emphatically. If the school brings in enough to reach or exceed the major goal of $30,000 ($60 average per student), all of the prizes from the interim goal plus all of the prizes from the major goal will be awarded. That means that students will receive a jeans day, a catered Chick-fil-A lunch, and a day off school (not on the same day, of course!).

What’s in it for me (aside from the prizes)?

Although these prizes incentivize contributing to the fundraiser, there are more significant rewards on the line as a result of a strong fundraiser.

Multiple classrooms will be redone this summer, so they will be ready next year. Everyone will benefit from that, including seniors. Not only will our younger siblings be able to learn in advanced, comfortable classrooms, but we can all take pride in the school’s commitment to academic excellence through high-quality and modern learning spaces.

Blasting off into the future

Clearly this opportunity is special. McNicholas students are in a unique position where we can have a tremendous impact on our school’s future. Let’s take up the challenge and continue to make McNicholas a school worthy of pride.

Freshman Vince Hughes studies while sitting at one of the new desks, which will be featured in multiple refurbished classrooms next year.

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