McNick Journal: Seniors reflect in journal entries

As a way to stay connected, the Milestone is becoming more interactive. To do that, we are asking students who are recording this part of history through journaling to share some of their words with our readers. Anyone who is interested in submitting may send their journal entries to staff reporter Paula Zalar via email at to be posted in the next Milestone Monday. The Milestone reserves the right to edit for libelous content and for length.

Journal from Senior Isabelle Bowling: Sunday, March 29th

Today I went to the park to get out of the house and walk my dog. It was different than my normal routine of going to the park to run a few miles because this time I had my dog with me, so I listened to my “chill” playlist and walked 3 miles.  I found the experience relaxing and refreshing.  It was a beautiful day out, and I was happy to be surrounded by nature, admiring the pear trees in full bloom and watching the people around me.  One father was teaching his son how to catch a baseball, another family was riding bikes and an older couple was walking hand in hand.  Even though everyone was keeping their space, there was a sense of community.  People waved from a distance to strangers and were friendly.  While quarantine has been difficult, I’ve found a sense of community at the park because as cliché as it sounds, we’re all in this together.   After the walk, Ollie, my doggo, and I went for a long drive with the windows down, jamming out along Columbia Parkway, through the city, up to mount Adams and ending at UC.   Overall it was a peaceful day and I enjoyed spending some time with myself.  I think if I’ve learned anything so far in this experience, it’s to treasure the simple moments like these because they are some of the best memories I’ll take out of this.  Plus, I stopped for ice cream on the way home!

Journal from Senior Chloe Maushart: Friday, April 3rd

My sister came over, so at least I wasn’t home alone all day like usual. However, she’s temporary relief. I wish so desperately for the freedom she received her senior year. She tries to make me feel better by saying the end of her senior year wasn’t that great so I shouldn’t be too sad about missing it, but she’s wrong. I miss the laughs when there’s a tragic misspelling in Mr. Royal’s PowerPoints, I miss the eye rolls in AP Lang when someone says something entirely outrageous while still being factually correct, I miss the knowing looks with friends when walking behind a slow walker in the halls, I miss it all; whether it’s a universal high school experience or an experience only I will know of, I miss it. Even if the rest of my senior year was going to be less than superb, I still wish I could witness it. Today, my dad was on a call with some of the big guys who are in the know of what’s going on, and it extinguished my hopes that we will be returning to school. I know it’s selfish of me to wish this had happened another year because then a different senior class would be thrown into this turmoil, but I wish this just hadn’t been my senior year. I wouldn’t wish the missed experiences I’m dealing with on anyone. Maybe I’m oversharing, but in times like this honesty is important because I don’t want to look back on a tinted point of view of this time. It’s times like this that I feel the full effects of senioritis because it’s so easy to say if the world can’t function normally right now why should I? I know I have to push my way through to move past this so we can return to normal; I just wish it was easier. The main motivation for this journal is Mrs. Noble’s reassurance that we will appreciate it in the future. If only we could be at that point now.


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