Did you miss Open House? Here’s what you can find at McNick.

On October 25th and 26th  2020, McNicholas High School hosted their annual Open House, where the school showcased the highlights of their classes. However, if you missed it, here’s the rundown of what this school has to offer.

At the root of all Catholic education is Theology. The 6 teachers in the department help each individual student grow in their relationship with God and their peers, and lead students to grow towards full stature in Christ. Theology also focuses on giving back to the community, particularly through service. The teachers ensure that the school’s statement shines through both academics and the work that is done outside of the school.

Science has 5 teachers assisting students in combining the skills they learn in math and reading, and applying them to real-life situations. With labs and other interactive resources, students have the chance to develop their application skills, as well as their modern day problem-solving skills. “We have a strong lab-based science curriculum, where students take classes based on their readiness – not simply in a predetermined order,” said Biology and Environmental Science Teacher Mary Dennemann. From low-level classes to advanced placement, the levels the students learn at will always be where they have the most aptitude for success.

The 6 math teachers here use a blend of hands-on learning as well as traditional textbooks to stretch the minds of those they teach. From Algebra 1 to AP Calculus, students of all ages and levels have the opportunity to develop better problem-solving skills; they also help the students with their increase in knowledge and understanding of the importance of our analytical and reading skills.

McNicholas High School has an English program that offers a variety of classes based off of a student’s level in reading, comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. They offer regular college prep classes all the way up to advanced placement. Utilizing both online and physical resources, the 5 English teachers do their job to help the students advance in their literary skills in several different facets.

4 teachers make up the social studies department. Although they definitely focus on expanding the students’ knowledge of history, the overarching goal is to help young people make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world. The variety of Social Studies classes offered here allow the students to really choose the classes in their best interest.

If you like to play around with gadgets and computers, a technology class is just for you. With a department consisting of just 2 teachers, the choices still manage to encompass all of your interests. “I know a ton of kids who after they’ve edited, they’ve said “Nope, not for me,” and others that went and made a career.” said Department Chair of Business and Technology Barbara Gillming. “We have a ton of awesome electives, on top of quality core classes…. I think a student will benefit from being in an environment where the teachers are trying, and giving them 100%,” said Gillming.

McNicholas High School offers a variety of different fine arts that the students can choose from. Architecture, drawing, and ceramics are just some of the several classes provided. Your required credit of art can also be obtained through music. Band is another class that students have the option to take.

McNick also has a variety of sports that students can participate in, ranging from football to lacrosse to bowling. If sports aren’t your forte, you can also join some of the numerous clubs they have to choose from. St. Vincent De Paul Club, Hands Across Campus, Ski Club, Book Club, and Academic Team are just a tiny portion of what this school provides.

For students that need extra assistance in learning, S.A.I.L. teachers are ready to step in and help with whatever is needed. Standing for Support and Accommodations for Identified Learners, this program gives the extra backing and structured environment that certain students need in order to thrive. “I think the kids who leave the S.A.I.L. Program have learned the important skills of self-advocacy, they learn to believe in themselves, accept the many gifts and talents they have, and leave with the confidence ready to go tackle the next step in their life, whatever that is,” said Department Chair of S.A.I.L. Renee Herndon.

As Assistant Director of Admissions and Enrollment said, “I think the school offers a lot of really good things – all the way from good academics, great faculty; I think the emphasis on incorporating everything into being family and full stature, I really think that’s part of the fabric of what this place is.” If you’re interested in seeing what McNicholas High School has to offer in person, you can schedule a tour here. If not, feel free to check out our website here to find out more. We hope to see you soon!

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