Online vs in-person learning: Which do students prefer?

With the challenges of the new school due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the option for in-person and online school is becoming more popular, with the McNick community deciding which is the safest and best option for all students and for teachers to teach safely.

The debate of doing online or in-person classes continues to be an important topic for many schools, and McNicholas has students learning both remotely and in-person.

Sophomore Bella Mastruserio said, “I think that students should get to choose what learning option is better for them because some people have different ways of learning that work better for them. Personally, I feel that in-person learning has a much greater benefit to students because it allows them to get a more hands on experience that requires them to focus and stay on task.”

Being able to focus is one of the main concerns with online learning and why so many students believe that in-person learning is a better option. Sophomore Naomi Preuett said, “In person has been easier for me, because I tend to get easily distracted at home by either my mom getting ready for work, or my cats running around.”

Some students believe that online has been an easier option for them saying that it is easier to learn from the comfort of their own home not having to worry about possibly being exposed to Covid-19.

“I think that online [learning] has been easier this year. As a senior, I really enjoy the [option] of being able to not [have to] log onto my last bell study hall while when I’m in school, I am forced to stay. I also think that online has been a lot less stressful. I work more efficiently at home,” senior Nick Clark said.

Being able to pick days that to be online or in-person has also been a debate.

Senior Will Garvin added, “If a person doesn’t feel comfortable about going to school, they should have the right [to] choose if they don’t want to go. If a person feels it’s a huge risk to go to school, they should have the right to choose.”

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