McNick says farewell to ‘Mike the Trainer’

Athletic Trainer Mike McCafferty, who is more commonly known as “Mike the Trainer,” wrapped his last ankle at McNick on Friday, Jan. 29. McCafferty has taken a new job with the Scenix Company, a construction and remodeling company in the Cincinnati area.

“We specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodeling, but we take one a wide range of projects…It’s a great opportunity for me and my family,” McCafferty said.

“I’m [going to] miss Mike a lot,” senior Nick Carter said. “We had a pretty close relationship because of all the stuff I went through with my injuries over the years through football. He was really instrumental in having me come back through rehabilitation and therapy… To be able to work with someone like that on something that means so much to [me,] it really meant a lot. I’m sad to see him go.”

Men’s Head Soccer Coach David Sandmann said, “[Mike] kept our athletes healthy and able to compete. I know our guys always appreciated [him.] He very quickly became another member of our coaching staff.” Sandmann added, “I am sad to see Mike go because he’s become such a mainstay for our team and our community…. Even if he’s not our trainer, he’ll always be a Rocket.”

McCafferty graduated from McNick in 2008, and came back in 2015 and worked in partnership with McNick and Mercy Hospital as McNick’s head athletic trainer for 6 years. On a typical day, McCafferty saw and treated student athletes in his office or golf cart as soon as school let out, and was usually around until 7 on practice days, and 9 on game days. Along with taping ankles and stretching muscles, McCafferty was also in charge of filling out injury evaluations and filing doctor notes for McNick’s athletes.

McCafferty said he will miss the community most about McNick. “The community here is my favorite thing about McNicholas. It’s why I enjoyed being here as a student and why I jumped at the chance to come back as an athletic trainer…. McNicholas has a timeless quality about it. Of course times change, but McNicholas is a truly unique and special place.”

On Friday, Jan. 29, the McNicholas student body assembled in the courtyard at the end of the day and clapped McCafferty in to his last day of work at McNick. He has taken a new position with a construction and remodeling company in the Cincinnati area called Scenix Company.  Men’s head soccer coach David Sandmann said, “Even if he’s not our trainer, he’ll always be a Rocket.”

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