Students, teachers share time spent in snow through photos

Over the course of February, Cincinnati has been given 20 inches of snow. McNicholas High School was lucky enough to have February 9th as a snow day to play around with it, as well as online days on Feb. 11th, 16th, and 18th as more opportunities to get outside and have fun. Here is how some of your peers and teachers spent their time in the cold this past week.

Theology teacher Teresa Davis’s dogs Izzabella Rossellini and Lucy “struggled with the depths of the snow,” according to Davis. Apparently Izzabella also met a family of squirrels and decided to talk with them.

Davis’s dogs were not the only ones to struggle with the snow. Freshman Langley Esterle’s dog also had a hard time. “The snow came down so much (7 inches!) and my first dog, Steve, was fine, but my other dog, Callie, could barely fit. We had to shovel a path so she could actually walk.”

“This is a before and after picture of Burt the Snowman,” freshman Amanda Braig shared. “As you can see, he’s not doing so well.  His facial features were made of seeds, which unfortunately made him a target for the local neighborhood birds.  Surprisingly, one of his veggie straw arms is still intact, though the other has long since disappeared.”

Some in the community like to just notice and appreciate the snow’s existence. Theology teacher John Norman did just that.

Rather than stay indoors to evade the cold, sophomore Naomi Pruett got together with friends in a Covid-friendly setting — outside. Wyatt Spears, Naomi Pruett, Reagan Lisch, Calla Garretson and Maddie Rink all gathered outside of Taylor’s house.

Biology and Anatomy and Physiology teacher Cathryn Lest spent her snow day, “playing in the snow with my son Rhett.”

Senior Samuel Fortin did a lot of things in the snow. From shoveling the driveway to getting angry at the snow, Fortin went through a wide range of activities and turned all of these pictures into an “Interpretive Visual Essay.”

Theology teacher Jeff Hutchinson went backyard bird-watching. He also took pictures of the ice at Eden Park while sledding, as well as when his son cleared snow off  the sidewalk on his block.

Freshman Audrey Hurlburt made sure to play with her cat Willow to get out some of her cooped up energy. “She can’t go out of the barn because of the cold temperatures, so I made sure to give her plenty of indoor activities,” Hurlburt said.

A classic snow day activity, freshman Anna Yorn made a snowman. “The whole body was supposed to be the head, but I got too cold!” said Yorn.

Senior Quan Le also used the snow as an opportunity for a photoshoot. “[It’s] just a casual snow figure shoot…This is a figure of Emilia from Re:Zero, and she is pretty much correlated with snow in anime… It was very cold to sit outside for a couple of minutes, and the figure even froze up for a second. It was a lot of fun doing the photoshoot,” Le said.

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