McNick students share the inspiration behind their art

The McNicholas art program allows students from all grades to express themselves in many different ways. In art teacher Willy Corbett’s classes, students primarily use drawing and/or painting as a creative outlet. Here are some art pieces that these students have been working on throughout the school year.

Sophomore Gia Guessford

Despite being a virtual learner this year, sophomore Gia Guessford has still been able to participate in art class. “This piece like many of my others, doesn’t really have a set technique [or] process and is mostly experimental… This painting was my first realistic watercolor painting of a person, so it was mostly just trial and error,” Guessford said.

Guessford added, “The person in the painting is a member of [the] band [BTS] whose music I’ve liked for a while now. I think he was a good choice for this painting because he has a unique style as well and inspires me to go out of the box and not worry about doing things perfectly [or] in a… stereotypical way. Through this, I was able to learn to be myself and to show that through my art as well.

Junior Kyla Crowe

In addition to being an art student, junior Kyla Crowe is also a student athlete. “I wanted to do something more realistic, and this piece has some special meaning because it is a [drawing] of my McNick softball hat. I have played softball for a really long time, and I thought that making an art piece that related to that somehow would be a really cool way to show some of who I am,” Crowe said.

Junior Ashley Jarrold

Junior Ashley Jarrold drew inspiration from her personal life to create this painting. “This is a painting of a lake in Michigan where I go every summer. I find this place to be very peaceful and calming,” Jarrold said

Junior Caroline Fleming

Junior Caroline Fleming also added a personal touch to her art. “This is a painting I did of my dog, Meow Meow. I painted it for my mom for her birthday because she loves when I create anything for her. The painting really embodies my doggie’s happy and colorful personality,” Fleming said. 

Junior Madalyne Favro

Junior Madalyne Favro used to create this digital portrait of her brother. “I digitally painted my brother in many shades of green because I feel like the green is a chill color and [reflects] my brothers chill and easy going personality. Not only did I use the red and yellow in the back to compliment the green but I also used them to show his overall funny side to him and caring side,” Favro said. 

Senior Marian Favro

Senior Marian Favro used colored pencils and charcoal pencil for this drawing. “I wanted to show that on the outside we can show the opposite [of] how we are feeling. I also added butterflies and flowers to add color and beauty to the piece,” Favro said.

Senior Bella Dawson

Using graphite and black colored pencil, senior Bella Dawson created this drawing inspired by the Statue of David. “I have always really admired and loved Michelangelo’s work, especially the story of how difficult it was for him to sculpt David, so I really wanted to pay tribute to that while also focusing on perfecting my technical skills,” Dawson said.

Senior Sophia Petrotte

Senior Sophia Petrotte’s inspiration for this painting was from a picture taken by theology teacher Jeff Hutchinson-Smyth at Zion National Park in Utah. “I thought it had a beautiful composition and was filled with life so I reached out and asked if I could paint it, [and] he said absolutely… It took about a month to finish it, and I think the constant [revisions] really upgraded it from my other paintings,” Petrotte said.

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