A blast from the past: Movie theaters now showing classic films

Movie theaters across Cincinnati have recently been playing classic movies from across the generations as a way to welcome moviegoers back to theaters after quarantine. This plan, which was designed to end as new movies came out in theaters, now might become a common occurrence.

There are many advantages to playing these classics in theaters. Seeing movies in theaters is a really different experience than seeing it at home. “I saw Star Wars in the theater in 1977 or 1978 when it came out. Those kinds of movies; Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, if you have only seen them on a television screen you aren’t getting the full deal. If you haven’t sat and watched Star Wars on the big screen with the surround sound, it’s a completely different experience,” English teacher Jeff Mulvey said.

Playing classic movies can be a resurgence of the popularity of going to movie theaters. “Now, movies are made and go straight to streaming, which is a shame. Going to a theater and drive-in movies are a great experience whether you are out with your family, or out with your friends,” Mulvey said.

There are many movies that younger generations wish they could see in theaters, and now they might have the opportunity. Senior Sophia Petrotte said, “I think old Disney movies would be kind of fun because there is no other way to see it in a theater.”

“I think it’d be fun to watch Mary Poppins,” sophomore Morgan Svarda said.

“I’d love to see Sixth Sense. You know when that shift hits, that would have been amazing to see, and hear all the gasps in the theater,” senior Anna Eiser said.

“Definitely Waterboy. It’s a really funny movie,” sophomore Brady Arnold said.

Senior Kristen Van Huss said, “Princess Bride! That would be great. It’s so quotable, I love that movie. I’ve only seen it at home, so seeing it in theaters would be cool.”

“The Rocky series. It’s a really cool series, and I think it’d be very popular,” sophomore Nick Bruns said. 

Junior Lydia Suedhof said, “I love old movies! It could be any movie; I would watch them all.”

Some theatres have found new and innovative ways to bring people to the cinema. Popular theatres in Cincinnati, RJ Cinema in Eastgate and Oakley Cinemark in Oakley both offer theatres available to rent out.

The Oakley Cinemark’s Private Watch Party allows up to 20 people in a party to rent out a room to watch “classic fan-favorites or new releases movies in the privacy and comfort of your own auditorium,” according to their website. The cost starts at $99, and prices vary depending on the movie chosen to watch. Once the movie is chosen, patrons have the option to order food and drinks before arriving at the theater, as well as the choice to deliver the drinks to the theatre or picking them up at the counter.

Along with a theatre available to watch movies, Oakley also offers a Private Gaming Party, another theatre room available for up to 20 people to play any video game, as long as you bring the console, for up to two hours of play time starting at $99. RJ Cinema in Eastgate also has a theater available for 26+ people to watch a movie from their own DVD collection or from the cinema’s collection. Parties have access to a theatre for 2 ½ hours of screen time. The cost for bringing your own DVD starts at $100, and the cost for those who choose to watch a movie from the cinema’s collection starts at $160. Along with renting out the theatre, guests can order food from the kitchen pricing from $8 to $12 a meal.

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