Milestone Mystery: Can you guess the faculty member?

McNick is filled with adults who work behind the scenes in administration, counseling, and the adults who teach us. The real question is: do you know them as well as you think? Each week, the Milestone is going to test your knowledge of the faculty at McNick, specifically one certain faculty member. Can you guess who it is?

Each faculty member has their own interests outside of school that the students may not know about. Our very own faculty member was able to open up about some of the interests they have outside of their time at school.

“Music and concerts definitely; I go to as many concerts as I possibly can. Sports; I love sports; I’ll watch just about anything. I love movies; I have a pretty solid movie collection at home, ‘Dazed and Confused’ would have to be my favorite. I also love to run in my spare time as well,” this faculty member said.

As a kid, I’m sure you can remember a dream job you have had or something that you’ve always wanted to be. This faculty member is no different, as they also had dreams of different careers when they were younger.

“I wanted to be so many different things. For a long time, I thought I wanted to be in the military; the idea of being in the military always fascinated me, and I was always a big history nerd. I wanted to be the typical things kids wanted to be: a cop, firefighter, those kind of things. It wasn’t until high school when I really knew what I wanted to be,” this faculty member said.

This week’s mystery faculty member shared other personal experiences from his/her childhood. “I broke my wrist in fourth grade. I’ve been in way too many bike accidents to remember or count at this point, I’m a huge space nerd, I have a niece who is 7, I did not grow up in Cincinnati, and I performed at the Orange Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, a Bengals game, the original dome in Indianapolis, St. Louis, Louisville for band,” this faculty member said.

As each student does from high school, we all have favorite memories from our time at McNick, as well as each faculty member, and one typically sticks out above all the others. For this faculty member they have a memory that they will never forget from their time at McNick.

“It has to be watching our women’s soccer team win state. I think it was my first year here, and I was actually able to go to the game and just seeing how many people showed up and supported the team, I think that was really cool and that memory always pops up when I think about my time at McNick,” the faculty member said.

Do you know who this faculty member is? Take the quiz below to guess who you think this faculty member is!

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