Rocket Shop launches new spring collection

The McNicholas High School Rocket Shop, the one-stop shop for all Rocket High spirit wear, has just launched their new spring collection. According to Rocket Shop Coordinator Marilyn Melcher, the ideas for new spirit wear designs come from many. “We have partnered with U-Sports as a local business with alumni connections to McNicholas this year and work very closely with our account representative Janice McGinnis and Beth Auxier, their lead graphic designer. Along with those key people, myself, Nikki Waterman and working with Anne Jones here at McNick, we work through the new brand guide to create the current line of logos you see in the shop today.”

The logo ideas are sent to Auxier who then comes up with a design. “Once we have a design, we then send them over to Anne Jones, Director of Marketing here at McNicholas, to make sure we are within the branding guidelines and vision of the school,” Melcher said. So far, of the created logos, there has been a widespread variety of purchases. “Each logo has its own following and to say which one is a ‘best seller’ is hard because they have all been pretty equal across the board on ordered items. We do get a ton of positive feedback on how the new kelly green has freshened things up and that the M+ logo has been a welcomed change,” Melcher said.

The student body does have some say on the Rocket Shop – and eventually submitting ideas will be easier than ever. “We are working on creating surveys to allow more input from the student body, but we currently are focusing on getting the new McNicholas logo as the foremost logo with some additional spirit logos mixed in to incorporate the student body and life on campus whether through athletics, boosters, or any other group that we can support,” Melcher said. Should students have an idea for a design now, they can email Melcher through the Rocket Shop email to discuss the topic.

Another new change includes plans for the Rocket Shop to go mobile. Soon, students can buy their favorite accessories and clothing items whenever they come to an event. “We are planning what we are calling ‘Rocket Shop Pop-Up Shops’ where we can take merchandise to Paradise or anywhere on school grounds [at] school-related events that we feel we would capture a great audience looking to spruce their spirit wear apparel needs and show their Rocket pride!”

Overall, Melcher is most grateful for the opportunities the Rocket Shop has been given. “We are very thankful for the allowance that Dave Mueller has given us to create our online store and venture into mobile sales even amongst the pandemic. We feel that we are answering so many calls to what our Rocket families, student body, alumni, and friends have wanted to see for years- accessibility. We are excited that we are able to work with so many brilliant people who support our visions to grow and make the Rocket Shop a pillar in the community of growth here at McNick,” she said.

The McNicholas rocket shop recently launched their spring spirit wear line where Rockets can purchase merchandise specifically designed to support spring sports, as well as other additions to the collection with the new logo.


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