Weekend Recap: Juniors, Seniors celebrate prom; seniors at Cincinnati Zoo

On Saturday, April 24, McNick’s Classes of 2021 and 2022 attended their prom celebration at Paul Brown Stadium that included dinner, court festivities, and of course, dancing. On Sunday, April 25, the Class of 2021 spent the afternoon at the Cincinnati Zoo feeding giraffes, eating s’mores, and hanging out as a class one last time before the end of the school year and graduation.

Saturday evening started with dinner: An Italian buffet which was voted on by the senior class. Dinner options ranged from side salad, fruit salad, tortellini, ravioli, sauce choices like Alfredo and marinara, breadsticks, meatballs, chicken, and cookies for dessert.

“The pasta and marinara sauce was delicious [and] the cookies for dessert were so good,” said junior Jason Munzel.

Junior Ruby Horgan was a fan of the buffet style because “we could go back for seconds if we wanted and we could choose how much of each thing we wanted,” Horgan said. 

With the conclusion of dinner, prom court was announced: Nine senior women and nine senior men who were voted for by their teachers. The honor of prom queen was bestowed on senior Claire Crawford and prom king on senior Ian Phillips.

“I was so surprised! I was cheering for Ian and the next think [I] knew I heard my name being called,” Crawford said. “It is nice knowing the faculty supports and appreciates the work Ian and I do,” Crawford added.

“I was super surprised [to hear my name as king],” Phillips said. “Knowing that this is something that the teachers vote on, it really shows me the support from the faculty that I’ve received over the past 4 years… I’m so honored to [have] received this honor,” Phillips added. Phillips also commented on how it is funny for him to be named prom king, as his two close friends, seniors Bryan Maxey and Ayden Bailey were Homecoming and Mardi Gras kings, respectively.

Prom King Ian Phillips and Prom Queen Claire Crawford

On Sunday, April 25, the Class of 2021 spent the evening at the Cincinnati Zoo. There they enjoyed a taco bar, toasted s’mores, had unlimited train rides, fed the giraffes, saw guest appearances from Fiona the Hippo and Buddy the Penguin, as well as visited the numerous other exhibits like the Reptile House, Cat Canyon, and World of the Insects.

Senior Gavin Duffy looks at the ant display in the World of the Insect house. “Even though the bug house isn’t my favorite part of the zoo, I’m fascinated with the ant tunnels and the way they work together,” Duffy said. 
Senior Anna Eiser points to a Silverback Gorilla in the Gorilla World exhibit. “It’s not Harambe, but it’ll do,” Eiser said. 
Prom King Ian Phillips and senior Charlie Taylor pose with Fiona the Hippo on April 25 during McNick’s after prom celebration for the class of 2021. “Hippos are cool; they’re majestic,” Taylor said
Senior Lauren Cox with 35-year-old penguin “Buddy.”

The night concluded with PTSA giveaways that consisted of gift cards, a TV, mini-fridges, and more.

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