Seniors offer McNick bucket list ideas

Graduation is drawing near, but the seniors won’t be forgotten after they leave. After looking back on their time here at McNick, they submitted “special to-dos” for underclassmen. Here’s their top 10 list of things to do before graduating from McNick.

  1. Mardi Gras. Caden Conrad believes everyone should experience at least one Mardi Gras since it is part of what sets McNick apart from other Catholic schools and is essentially McNick’s biggest celebration of the year. “I think you have to experience Mardi Gras, even if you’re not a part of it. It is one of/if not the richest tradition in McNicholas history. You can just feel the vibe in there on the chilly February Sunday nights,” Conrad said.
Seniors Ayden Bailey and Aimee Gauger were chosen by their peers as the Mardi Gras 2021 King and Queen. Photo courtesy of McNicholas High School

2. Café cookies. It was an expected answer. Anton Hoelmer said, “Every student should try café cookies.” At this point, no one can go through McNick without trying one.

3. Kairos. McNicholas High School is deeply rooted in faith, and strives to help students grow in their faith. Many retreats are offered in order to help the kids achieve this, and Olivia Gagliardo thinks Kairos can do this best. “I think that every student at McNick should experience Kairos and the amazing bonds that it allows us to make,” Gagliardo said.

Even in the time of Covid, McNicholas High School’s Kairos retreats were still able to happen at the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford, with safety protocols in place. Photo courtesy of McNicholas High School

4. AP classes. “[Students] should experience an AP class, because it can prepare them for a college grade level class, and they could get credit,” William Garvin said.

5. Get involved in extracurricular activities. It may seem cliché, but get involved in anything interesting. “I think that every McNick student needs to experience what it feels like to go to every school event that they possibly can – even when they know that they will not know anyone there…I just really think that every McNick student needs to take some dares from themselves while they are here so that they don’t regret not making high school all that their 10-year-old self thought it would be,” Madeline Daley recommended.

Becoming a peer mentor is one of several extra-curricular activities students can choose at McNick. The Class of 2021 peer mentors prepared to assist with the first day of Freshman Orientation each year. Photo courtesy of Mr. Wehrman.

6. Go to sporting events. This is a no-brainer, especially according to Mary Zahumensky. “When I was a freshman, I first met my group of friends at sporting events because they were perfect times to branch out and talk to the people around you,” she said. Maggie Haap also added that before graduating, “Go all out for the themes with your friends!” This could be for sporting events as well as just in-school celebrations, but make sure to make those memories.

Prior to Covid, the student section – appropriately named “Launch Pad” — was shoulder to shoulder at most sporting events. Students planned themes for each event and cheered until they lost their voices. Photo courtesy of @mcnickrockets2021 Instagram

Sporting events are great opportunities to make new connections while also showing support for the team. Photo courtesy of @thegrancam Instagram

7. Smell the red underglaze in the ceramics room. “Everyone knows when the red glaze is out, and everyone knows what you’re talking about when you say it. It is a key component of the class,” Olivia Rohling said.

8. Exit the theatre through the alternate exit. “[The one] that takes you to the hallway with the front office,” Rohling added.

An alternate door, many people graduate without ever using it. Olivia Rohling thinks every student should make an effort to use it before graduating.

9. See Mr. Losekamp do a cartwheel. “No student’s experience at McNick is 100% complete without watching Mr. Losekamp do a cartwheel,” Anna Eiser said.

10. Connect with teachers. Samuel Fortin said to “really connect with a teacher; receive wisdom.”

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