The Olympics bring the torches to McNick

The Olympics have stopped by McNicholas High School, providing inspiration for Homecoming weekend. Starting on October 4, McNicholas students will celebrate Homecoming Week with outfits each day to match the Homecoming theme. “It’s one of the best weeks I feel like here. Spirit weeks are fun, they get everybody high spirits, ready for the big game and the dance.” Student Body President, senior Lauren Keith said.

Homecoming weekend was supposed to kick off with the football game on Friday, Oct. 8, but it has since been cancelled.  In an email to the McNicholas community on Wednesday, Oct. 6, Principal Dave Mueller said that Carroll cancelled due to COVID and that McNicholas is currently “looking for an opponent for the Friday evening Homecoming football game.” Students have been celebrating Homecoming in other ways, included dress-up theme days for Spirit Week Oct. 4-8. The themes include:

Monday, Oct. 4> Students in uniform for mass

Tuesday, Oct. 5> Tropical vs. Western wear

Wednesday, Oct. 6> Jersey Day

Thursday, Oct. 7>USA (no political-themed clothing, please)

Friday, Oct. 8>Gold out

Junior Class President Autumn Strebel said she is looking forward to the Homecoming Weekend, since there was no dance last year. “I want to take pictures but also put the phone down and be able to be present in the moment,” she said Autumn Strebel. “I mean we have a song associated with each of my friends, so [I hope to] hear those songs come on [at the Homecoming Dance] and be able to just be with them in that moment.”

In addition to themed-dress up days, there are other activities planned leading up to Homecoming Weekend. At the end of Spirit Week on October 8, students will have an early dismissal after two bells of classes, and a pep rally which includes the Powderpuff Football game between junior and senior girls. The Powderpuff game has the girls go head to head in a flag football game. The dance will take place on Saturday at the Warbird Museum in Clermont County. The committee decided to have the dance at the Warbird Museum because of having space and staying distant from each other. They had decided before in the gym but students would be to close. Then they decided to have it in the courtyard, which was to small again, so they settled on the museum.

Keith said she hopes everyone plans to participate in Spirit Week and Homecoming Weekend. “…Coming every day in theme [and] just having a lot of fun with it [is my hope].  [For seniors,] it’s our last year, but we also wanted to make it one for [everyone] to remember.”  

Homecoming moderator and Science teacher John Spurlock said the “Olympics” theme, “is a nice symbol of unity — of being together.”

The dance will take place on Oct. 9 at the Tri-State Warbird Museum Event Hangar in Batavia from 8 p.m.-11 p.m. The dance is taking place off campus in order to allow for enough space to be outside for Covid protocols.

“For everyone, I’m hoping that the location [of the dance] itself is memorable because it’s different from what we normally have,” Strebel said, “I hope these memories are better than not having anything at all.” At the football game during half time, the king and queen will be announced and crowned.

Dance tickets are available online until the Oct. 7 through this link: Students who are bringing non-McNicholas guests are reminded to complete the guest permission form available from Mr. Mike Orlando or Mrs. Kendra Lonnemann prior to purchasing tickets. In addition to being sold online, tickets will be sold at lunches from Oct. 4 -7.

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