Eco Club speaks out about recycling importance

Every day students eat in the cafeteria and every day students don’t see the recycling bins. It only takes a quick check to know if your disposables can be recycled or not, yet many students choose not to.

According to the Ecology Club President Jason Munzel, ways for people to be more recycling-aware are small things like changing habits, separating trash from recycling, and even talking with friends about recycling. Munzel also said that recycling is about coming together for a common goal and making something positive.

“I think a lot of students already know that recycling is a good thing, but we need to take a few minutes to learn what can and cannot be recycled.  I think just looking at some of the posters around school should be a big help to know what can go in the recycling containers,” said Ecology Club Moderator and science teacher Mrs. Mary Denneman. Items that can be recycled in the McNick café include empty plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and paper or cardboard that isn’t greasy.

According to Denneman, recycling is nothing special and just a part of her life. Denneman also said that recycling is important because it’s one of the best ways we can care for future generations. Munzel also said that he supports recycling because it gives material new life, saves the planet, and that recycling is the first step for a better tomorrow. The Eco Club is working towards more awareness, especially with recycling and being aware of “single-use” disposable plastics instead of bringing reusable utensils from home.

Anyone interested in joining the Eco Club should contact Denneman or Munzel via email.

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