October brings awareness to ADHD  

October is a month full of awareness; it is the month set aside for Respect Life, Breast Cancer Awareness, German Americans, and Attention Deficit (Hyper) Disorder (ADHD). Those with ADHD have struggled with focusing and trying to remember things their whole life, but that’s only what people see on the outside. Aside from focus issues, those with ADHD are very creative and find ways to help themselves adapt.  

There are two types of ADHD. According to WebMD, “ADHD inattentive” is the new name for attention deficit disorder (ADD) which means those diagnosed with it are not paying attention, making careless mistakes, and are very forgetful. The symptoms of “ADHD hyperactive/impulsive” include all of the symptoms of ADD but also include fidgeting, incessant talking, and always seeming like they are “on the go.”  

ADHD symptoms and other conditions

Those with ADHD could also have other conditions like anxiety or depression or not even realize they have either of the two. 

“Some of the things I love, the qualities I love about working with kids with ADHD, they are so creative,” said SAIL teacher, Mrs. Jeanne Daly. “The students that I work with are the hardest working students.”  

For more information on ADHD, check out this link to the Centers for Disease Control page on ADHD.  

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