The Big Read: A bookclub throughout the United States

Librarian Mrs. Chelsea Almer recently announced a “Big Read” selection for November. Students have until November 15 to read Five Total Strangers Almer will hold a discussion of the book on Nov. 15 at 2:40 p.m. in the library. Snacks will be provided. The Big Read is a program that is sponsored by Sora, the online platform for audiobooks and e-books, through the Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Library. Almer said the goal is for students to participate in a country-wide book club, so Sora is providing an unlimited number of audio books and eBooks to borrow.

“I chose this book because it was be promoted by Sora, and I love the idea of offering a different kind of format for kids to use to read. I think we are so used to the traditional book format that sometimes we don’t think about reading an eBook or an audio book. I like the idea of a bunch of different people throughout the United States reading the same book,” Almer said. This book is also a part of the Frosh Reads book club.

Almer hopes “students have an opportunity to try out a new reading format.” She added that maybe students have never listened to an audio book before so this might give them an opportunity to do that. “I love the idea of us all coming together for a book club meeting to talk about it,” Almer said.  

Students can get the book by going to groups in Schoology, clicking on McNicholas Library, then clicking on resources, and Library Catalog & Research Database Links. After clicking on Library Catalog & Databases, students should then see “Sora eBooks.” If you have questions or would like to start a book club for your grade, email Mrs. Almer  

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