Math tutoring program offered to all students

McNicholas recently added a math tutoring program that is available for access to all students who are seeking help with their math courses.

Students can go to tutoring for assistance on better understanding of a topic, getting caught up, studying for tests or quizzes, and homework help. Julie Miller, the tutor, is located in the second room on the left in the math hallway.

“Mr. Mueller and I kind of put our heads together and said that the best resource that we could use for our school is maybe having another teacher on site to help with tutoring and be in the classrooms to help support the students,” math teacher and department chair Ashley Brothers said.

Mrs. Julie Miller helps a student during a tutoring session on Wednesday, November 19, during H bell. Students received the one-on-one help they needed even when there was a group in her office.

When COVID hit and students were sent to learn from home, many gaps were created in their learning process.

“The idea is, especially with COVID having happened, that lots of students probably have some gaps or areas that they missed in the past year and a half that if they need some help to catch up on those that they can come down to get the extra help,” Miller said.

According to Miller, tutoring is available every Monday and on block days, it will normally be the first half of the block. Then, she’ll be going into classrooms during the other half of the bell. She advises that students plan ahead.

Miller has already met with many students and is working to find an efficient way for students to schedule a time to meet with her.

“For right now, they [students] can walk in. We’re working on using a link called Calendly that the teachers will be putting on Schoology,” Miller said.

Miller was Brother’s substitute teacher two years ago while she was on maternity leave and taught part-time last year. Miller has had math in her life for many years, teaching from Algebra 1 up to [and not limited to] AP Calculus and Statistics.

Freshman Ava Wille, who takes Algebra I, has visited her and said, “She’s a really good tutor, I love going to her. She’s very helpful.”

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