Community tops gratitude list at McNick

Thanksgiving is the holiday when people gather around turkey and stuffing with their families but is also a time when show what they are grateful for.  In a recent Milestone survey, students shared what they are grateful for at McNicholas and why. 

Many people said they are grateful for their friends, teachers and the community at McNick. Sophomore Remington Holder said he’s grateful for the teachers. “I am grateful for the great teachers here at McNick because they do more than just teach you, they are there in and out of class to instruct you. The great teachers here at McNick not only help you and teach you inside the classroom but out of it as well. The teachers hold a great passion for teaching and strive to bring you to your best, not only your academic best, but your best version of yourself too.” 

Sophomore Emily Burger said she is thankful for both her teachers and friends, “because they all help me became who I am now, and help me to continue growing. They support me and help me through tough times.”  

Sophomore Annie Yorn said, “I am grateful for this because I know that when I walk in the doors to school, I know I have people that care and love me always.” 

Others said they are grateful for their faith. Theology teacher Fr. Kevin Scalf said, “Our faith. No faith. No McNick.” Social Studies teacher Todd Naumann said, “Nothing is more important than our Catholic faith… we live in a country where we can freely worship.”  

Students also said they are thankful for the food in the café. Freshman Nathan Bruns said, “It feeds me food.” Sophomore Grace Gaunt said she was grateful for the Sour Patch Kids watermelon gummies in the café. Gabriella Boland said she is grateful for “the chicken tenders,” and also added, “they are very good, and I am grateful for the cafeteria ladies too.”  

Freshman Kevin Kaser buys watermelon Sour Patch Kids from the café. Many students said in the Thanksgiving gratitude survey, they were grateful for the food in the café.

What are you thankful for at McNick? Be sure to comment on the story to see what others are grateful for at Rocket High. 

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