Catholic Schools Week only three days due to ice storm

McNicholas kicked Catholic Schools week off on January 31. Catholic Schools week is a week-long celebration for Catholic Schools and their education. Each day of the week had a theme, teacher/subject appreciation, and activities during lunches. The main themes for the 2022 Catholic Schools Week were “faith, excellence, and service.”  

On Monday January 31, McNick students had a PJ day and celebrate the Math and SAIL teachers. During students’ lunches, Social Studies teacher Todd Naumann came to each table with a bag full of smarties. Students had to choose a smarties and hope they get the words “Who Dey” for the Bengals going to the Super Bowl and to win a Chick-fil-a gift card.  

On Tuesday, February 1, students wore college gear to celebrate students for the day. Many seniors wore their future-college gear and underclassmen wore colleges they root for or may hope to go to one day. During lunches, students who had raised a certain amount of money from the Rocket Raffle had the opportunity to throw a dart at a balloon and win up to $20.   

The third day of Catholic Schools Week, Wednesday, February 2, focused on McNick students celebrating mass together at Guardian Angels for the first time since February of 2020. The students didn’t have a theme that day due to having church but they did have a two-hour delay due to a traffic accident blocking Beechmont Avenue.  

Due to an ice storm Wednesday night/Thursday morning, classes were cancelled for the final two days of Catholic Schools Week. Thursday, February 3, was going to be an extreme McNick theme and also the last day to turn in McNick Rocket Raffle tickets. Friday, February 4 was going to be camo theme and was the annual McNick blood drive but was cancelled early due to weather. 

Due to the weather, the Rocket Raffle was extended to Thursday, February 10, with the raffle winner being pulled during the Varsity Senior Night Basketball game Friday, February 11.  

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