Roll the dice over to the spring showing of Guys and Dolls

For this year’s musical, the McNicholas Thespians will present the classic Guys and Dolls Thursday, March 10 – Saturday, March 12 at the Anderson Center. The show has been performed on the McNicholas stage in the past, but this will be the first time it has been performed under the direction of theater teacher Teresa De Zarn. Alumna and former teacher and musical director Sister Judi Keehnen has welcomed the previous cast to the Saturday matinee to watch this year’s performance together.   

Freshman Will Tipton, who plays “Liver Lips Louie” and is a Havana dancer said, “The play is thrilling with all the fun scenes and interesting choreography.”  

Freshman Lila Moeves plays a mission band member and Havana dancer and added, “It’s really fun to watch all the dances. The music for the dances [is] really fun and upbeat.”  

Senior Jennifer Fries, who plays the character of Sarah Brown, said how the soundtrack is “pretty upbeat” and her favorite is Havana because they “go to Havana and it’s very fun and vibrant.” Fries also said she “likes the costumes especially.” 

Freshman Katie Claes, who plays a hot box dancer, described the play as one about gambling and hiding away due to it being illegal in that time. She says there are many bets and a lot of money being thrown around. There are many characters that are very different from one another including “a very holy lady” named Arvide Abernathy and a man named “Nathan [who’s] been engaged for 14 years” Claes said.  

Fries said the play is a “guy heavy show” and senior Zach Geiser described the show as “taking a look into other people’s lives” while adding that it is “a great show to see.” 

Rockets can get their tickets for Guys and Dolls here or at lunch on Thursday and Friday March 10 and 11. Cost per ticket is $15 for each show: March 10 at 7 p.m.; March 11 at 7:30 p.m.; and March 12 at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.  It will be held at the Anderson Center Theater and holds 223 people. For this show, it is not required to wear a mask.  

McNicholas students prepare for the 2022 musical Guys and Dolls, performed March 10-12 at the Anderson Center. “It incorporates a lot of different grade levels…[everyone] is having a really fun time in their own styles,” senior Jennifer Fries said.

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