Returning students and staff help freshmen and transfers learn unwritten rules

McNicholas High School welcomed students to campus on August 19, 2022. The freshmen and transfer students familiarized themselves with McNick on August 17 and 18 during orientation. 

With the recent changes that have been made to the school, there are many things the freshmen and transfer students do not know: the unwritten rules.   

Freshman Steven Meltebrink said he wanted to know “how to manage classes and homework a little bit better.”  

To combat the overwhelming changes of high school schedules, upperclassmen suggest time management strategies.  

Sophomore Grace Reuss said, “Use your study halls to your advantage and try not to push things off until late at night.”  

“Stay on task and get your work done as soon as possible,” sophomore Mia Bucher said.  

Sophomores Jack Mayer and Joseph Walsh in study hall on Friday, September 2, 2022. They are making use of their time and collaborating to get their work done.  

Being late to class is a concern that results in freshmen running between classes. Junior Lauren Brown emphasized walking in the hallways.  

Sophomore Ava Wille said, “There’s plenty of time in between classes; five minutes goes by very slowly.” 

School nurse and health teacher, Jeannine Blatt, along with many others recommend finding a sport or club to help ease any anxiety related to making new friends.  

“I would encourage people to find something over the summer,” Blatt said, “whether it’s clubs, study skills, or sports.” 

As the year starts, staying grounded through spirituality can help build connections and ease nerves.  

“I think the first thing is to really find some significant forms of prayer that will help to maybe address issues of anxiety and depression,” Chaplain and teacher Father Kevin Scalf said.  

Freshmen and transfers are welcome to the McNicholas community despite the nerves of the adjustment period.  

As Scalf said, “People will really love them for who they are, not the mask that they’ve put up.”  

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